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The McKellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System

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posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 04:58 AM
What is the MKARNS?

More about MKARNS

For anyone who doesn't know about this who lives along this river system should check it out. You can literally take your boat from the Port of Catoosa, which is the largest inland port in America, and also just outside of Tulsa, Ok, all the way to New Orleans and essentially any port you choose in whatever country you choose. Pretty cool stuff. Traveling on this river means that you will use a system of locks to navigate up and down it. The locks are run by the corps of engineers and operate 24 hours a day. The corps of engineers encourages people to use the system. The rivers provide excellent fishing and a good alternative for shipping. It helps keep quite a few semi trucks off of the highways, and anyone who lives around Tulsa knows how bad our roads are as it is. The less 18 wheelers, the better.

River Fact Sheet

Interesting Outline of Arkansas River History

Some More History

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