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A World Without Art (Rate Research Paper)

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posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 03:31 PM
umm this si a paper i did on how the world would be witout art, architecture and advertisements....this is for my senior project high school requirement

plz tell me whatt you think

Imagine a world where art never existed. It would be a world without culture… empty and uneventful. Without art the world would be a dark place, with mundane surroundings. Specifically, drawing as an art form has allowed us as a society to advance in terms of creating advertisements, architecture, and other necessities. Almost everything around you involved some sort of art in creating it. The chair you are now sitting on reading this; the computer you are working on; the house that you and your family live in are all good examples of art. If art were to simply fall off the face of the earth tomorrow and cease to exist, our entire way of living and seeing things would completely fall apart. “If I didn’t create, I think my shoulders would implode from the stress of inactivity” Reno, Jesse. "Artist Interview." (April 2005) 6 February 2008 .Art has been important in helping us learn ever since we were children by making us better thinkers in many aspects of school. Numerous experts on the subject say exposure to the arts from a young age has been proven to increase activity in the brain. It develops cognitive skills in children through practicing shapes, colors, and sizes, and can give the child a sense of achievement after creating a work of art. Art can also serve as a therapeutic tool to those who suffer from illnesses, such as bipolar and depression by helping them to relax. Art is often used in therapy for children who have suffered from events that have left them traumatized. It is a way for them to express themselves. If not to anyone else, it is a good way for the patient to feel at ease with himself, at least for a moment.
Without art, we as humans would not have advanced as much as we have architecturally. We would not be living in beautifully shaped houses, because there would not be any artist to draw up the plans for how the finished product will look. Long ago, artists used to draw up designs for buildings or furniture by hand. Today, thanks to technological advances we can do the same but in more convenient ways through computers - which again, someone had to draw up the designs for. Without art there would be no beautifully carved statues like the Statue of Liberty in New York or the Washington Monument in Washington DC, which are both very important pieces of history for the United States of America and its culture. Art has been a vital resource for humans since the beginning of man. Had art never been around we would never have known about the ancient civilizations that existed. These ancient civilizations used art and in doing so gave us information about how they lived, how they saw the world. In fact cavemen are thought of as some of the first artists because their art is some of the earliest ever recorded. In those times cavemen would have to use dirt and charcoal to create paintings in their caves. The Greeks relied on art for communication purposes and at times entertainment. Ancient Egyptians also drew in their temples and pyramids and other monuments. Now, hypothetically speaking, had we somehow advanced this far without art, imagine never knowing these older civilizations existed. It would be something like humans are now, not knowing our history or our past.
Drawing and a big imagination are very important aspects of architecture. Before the tragic incident on September 11th 2001, the Twin Towers were two of the biggest and greatest works of art in modern architecture. They were massive, with 110 stories and stood at a total height of 1,727 feet. The Twin Towers dwarfed every other building in its vicinity, but before anybody ever began its construction, an artist had to draw up the blueprints. Without that artist nobody would have ever heard the name Twin Towers. Nobody would have ever had the chance to be in awe of all of its 1,727 feet of glory. That artist truly was “A man who could build a church, as one may say, by squinting at a sheet of paper” Dickens, Charles. The Life and Adventure of Martin Chuzzlewit. Vol II. Ch VI 1844.This is the advantage that art gives to architecture; you really cannot have one without the other. In other words they are united.
Architecture has been an art long used by ancient civilizations and in modern times as well. Many ancient civilizations are known because of their wonderful architecture. Take the Egyptians for example: their pyramids are some of the most amazing works of art and architecture ever created in history. The pyramids sheer size is astounding for the simple fact that these people did not have the type of technology that we do today. Keep in mind though that architecture is not just having large flashy buildings, and cultural achievements like the pyramids that will last for years. Architecture is a vital part of our lives. Without it where would we live? We need architecture to be able to build houses, apartments, and other important parts of our lives that we take for granted. Without architecture we would probably be no different than the homeless man on the street except, everyone would be homeless. We probably wouldn’t see anything wrong with it though because it would just be another part of our lives, the same way that living in houses and apartments today is just another part of our lives. Without architecture a lot of aspects of our world would be dramatically different. There wouldn’t be any streets for us to be homeless on so we would probably revert to our ancestor’s ways and live in caves. Without architecture the only cultural achievement we would have been able to reach is probably the discovery of fire. “Architecture is to make us know and remember who we are” Jellicoe, Sir Geoffrey. "British Architect." International Herald Tribune 6 November 1989.
Art is also a big part of advertisements; without it there would be no advertisements. Without advertisements we would not have a thriving economy. There wouldn’t be any billboards to inform you of when a big event is coming. There would be no television commercials to let you know of anything new. "Advertising is the life of trade," Coolidge, Calvin. "Brainy Quote." quotes on advertisement. 2008. 9 Apr 2008 .. Like cave drawings from thousands of years ago, advertisements from ancient civilizations have also been found. Though by primitive means by our standards, civilizations like the ancient Egyptians were able to make posters and sales messages by using papyrus. Advertising, like everything over the years has grown and changed. Today advertisements are everywhere, you literally cannot go anywhere without being bombarded by advertisements. Most see this as a negative effect toward society and consider advertisements as an enemy of art. Whatever a group of people’s opinions are does not change the fact that advertisements are art and are needed in this society. Why? Because advertisements create jobs, advertisements created this thriving economy we have. Advertisements may not always be used in a positive manner, but it is not advertising itself that is to blame. The blame should fall on whoever uses the advertisements in a negative manner.
It is unimaginable what the world would be like without advertisements. It would be something so different from what we have been accustomed to all of our lives. That is not to say that just because we’ve grown up with advertisements and are used to them that it automatically makes them a necessity in society. Although, without advertisements nobody would know where anything is, nobody would know when anything new is available. We would essentially be lost, wasting an incredible amount of time guessing when something new came out and taking time to search for it because we wouldn’t know where to look. It would be a world of confusion, because of that advertising is here to inform us. It is actually one of the most important aspects of our society, keeping everything in our daily lives flowing. “One thing I remembered from my summer in the USSR in 1985: no advertising meant no one knew where anything was or how to buy it, so you wasted so much time ferreting out such info—just wandering around,” Barnett, Thomas P.M.. "The Gap will Map Itself." Thomas P.M. Barnett web log 28 June 2007 9 February 2008 . Advertising is the leading reason why we have such a healthy economy today. It encourages consumer spending, which in turn stimulates the economy and causes economic growth. All of this would not be possible without art and advertising.
So in conclusion, this paper is an attempt to give you a clear view of how our world would be without art, how we would live without architecture and be informed without advertisements, much like Alan Weisman has done with his top selling book, “The World Without Us” which explored the thought of how the world would be if humans were to disappear. Having never have fully developed our brains’ power in this mundane world without advertisements and architecture, we would be no different than wild animals that live for no real purpose but to eat and sleep. We would be in groups of people because we are of a social species that migrates from place to place wherever there are animals to hunt and eat. There would be no houses to shield us from the cold or air conditioners to keep us cool from the heat. We’d always be out in the open in peril from other hungry carnivores, lost without any advertisements to guide us. You would have to walk everywhere you desired to go because there would be no vehicle transportation. There would be no pyramids to look back on to discover our past - a boring world, dull and uninspiring. It would be the same cycle everyday, every month, every year, and every century. We would be cavemen forever. This would have been the world we would have grown to know, had art never been there to have us go in the direction we eventually went on, which led us to become what we are today.

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posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 11:36 AM
c'mon, i need smart people to tell me what they think


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