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Terms, categories, that type of specifying

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posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 12:37 PM
Here's a topic about speicificness, which I have thought about sometimes and that I came to think about again now when looking at some articles. I think I've mentioned something similar before, as well. What I have noticed is that for example the category "Aliens and UFOs" covers topics that in my opinion deserve more specific categories, instead of one broad category. I have tried to start out doing something about that, by making the two new, additional categories "Extraterrestrial intelligent life forms" and "Unidentified flying objects".

The general term "Alien" is, as I imagine it, some kind of "slang", mostly, and isn't really a precise term for "intelligent being not originating from planet Earth", even if my impression is it's generally assumed (although I could be wrong..) that this is what is meant by the term "Alien". But maybe it would be useful in an encyclopedia to distinguish between "Aliens" and "ET"s. I think some of the "beings" that are the topic of tinWiki, could possibly be meaningful to talk about as "Aliens", that are not the type of being what might think of when hearing or reading the term "Alien" (many will perhaps imagine a typical Grey, for example). I mean, I may be stretching it a bit far, or something, but ghosts, angels, demons, the notion of planets being "beings" (Gaea, and so on), and lots of other "strange" creatures and intelligent beings could make sense to refer to as "Aliens", in the sense that they are strange and unusual and alien to the world view and culture which is part of everyday human life, that type of thing.

Sorry if that sounded a bit rambling. I'm just trying to give some examples of how it can be useful to be as specific as possible.

Another term that I thought about now, is the term "unidentified flying object" (sometimes even spelled with upper case for first letter of each word). In tinWiki, I think it would be good to clarify how that term is used. My impression is that there are assumptions when hearing that word, like for "Alien", that it is a "spaceship built and piloted by some creature that came from somewhere other than planet Earth". But in reality, the term doesn't specifically mean that, it only means a flying object that is not identified. So, my thinking is that tinWiki as an encyclopedia could benefit from getting it sorted out a little bit how to use these terms in relation to what is refered to. I mean, there are probably several incidents that are about unidentified flying objects where there isn't any immediate impression from the observers that this is any kind of space ship with "people" (ETs) inside, but where the topic is still something that belongs in tinWiki. One example, and so far the only article I put in the new "Unidentified flying objects" category, is the green fireballs.

And then there might even be cases where someone would claim there is a case of an ET spaceship where it's known (identified) what the flying object is. Then I think "unidentified flying object" wouldn't be a good or accurate term, but that one should instead say something like "Extraterrestrial space ship", or something like that. So, anyway, I imagine that maybe a couple of new articles could be nice expansions, and also some new categories, after there has been some talking and thinking to arrive at what type of topics are referred to, and what are good names or terms for those topics.



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