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Imprint - the new book

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posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 03:57 AM
Hi all,
Most of you have seen the odd post from me usually in section about aliens in our past, well what you lot don’t know is that I am a writer and have already had several books published and every time a new book comes out it is already well placed because of my past experience and fan base, however I am writing a considerably different angle than my normal Science fiction, a new science fiction book based on scientific fact from our past.
I am writing this new book under a new author name to offering it to members of ATS as a pre-sale and signed just to see if we can make this a best seller through other means than my regular publisher, for every book I pre-sale 2 will be printed, one signed and ship to the purchaser, the next will be available online and hopefully later in bookshops etc.

The book is a novel and would also make a good movie and will be priced around $18 + shipping.

Here is the intro and from time to time I will be posting extracts only on ATS


Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is a nucleic acid molecule that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all living organisms. The main role of DNA is the long-term storage of information and it is often compared to a set of blueprints, since DNA contains the instructions needed to construct other components of cells, such as proteins and RNA molecules. The DNA segments that carry this genetic information are called genes, but other DNA sequences have structural purposes, or are involved in regulating the use of this genetic information.
From Wikipedia encyclopedia.


All people dream.
Some dream of what they did yesterday. Others dream of a future that might be. Dreams are built on true facts but are often a distorted reality of the truth. However, they are based on facts that we have acquired in our lifetime or possibly in a previous existence on Earth. It is only recently that we have begun to investigate these dreams. What if dreams hold the key to humanity itself? Or, more to the point, what if thoughts are passed down through generations; does this make dreams less believable?
Certainly it is clear that there is some knowledge passed on in the form of information to work our own human frame such as breathing, instinct, feeling and muscle movement, otherwise we would not survive the process of being born. This has been proven. It does not come from simply spending 9 months in the mother’s womb because even a chick knows it needs to feed and will peck and even scrape at the ground in a similar way to its mother, even if the egg is hatched in an incubator. The same hallmarks of life are there.
A single cell has to divide many millions of times before it creates a living creature. This single cell contains DNA, the very building blocks of life itself and the knowledge of how the life form should look and what it needs to do to be independent of its parent. Trapped in this DNA strand are possibly the residual memories of a past, whether it be the mother’s thoughts or memories from a long forgotten past.
One man is able to retrieve small sections of memories from individuals just using the power of touch and over a period of time build a picture of our exciting past and the interaction of the alien cultures that influenced man kind.
This book is based on this idea and on disputed facts from our past including references to the Bible and other holy books and scriptures.


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