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If the NWO are defeated will there be a new Constitution?

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 03:08 PM
Reading peoples fears and disgust regarding the Alleged NWO with the theorized agenda's regarding depopulation of the world, and the workings of the Bush Administration currently in the white house, slowly working to remove the rights of American civilians, the rumors about the constitution being suspended, and upcoming marshal law which has a lot of people in a state of deep worry regarding the future of the USA, if all of the above fails and the people win over oppression, i have to ask this question which as far as i can tell nobody has asked yet, Would there be a new Constitution for the USA? would there need to be a new Constitution to prevent what is happening from happening again?

Would the American people want or welcome a new Constitution?

And as Americans would you be prepared to voice the content of a new Constitution?

There could be an opportunity in the near future for the chance of a new beginning for America, a chance for people to get together to put heads together and choose the future for your people and their rights and laws.

So for the sake of your people what would be in this new Constitution?
How would you word it?
And who would make the decision on amendments to said document? would you change the political system to prevent greedy senators or congress people working for big companies and not for the people as it is supposed to be.

I'm sorry i used the word Constitution so much i didn't think IT was an appropriate word,

Here in Europe there are battles raging over a European Constitution which i doubt be ever concluded with the way things are,

Have your say what would you want or do?

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