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What the Hell were you two thinking?

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 11:08 AM
***In the following rant, names have been changed to protect the idiots...***

What the Hell were you two idiots thinking?

Josh, you've got a 3 year old little boy, he's cute as a bug. How cute is he gonna be without food to eat? You stupid idiot, come to work an hour and a half late, then leave an hour early without telling anyone? When called onto the carpet, you show up under the influence, and cop an attitude? W...T...F...were you thinking, you stupid immature idiot?

...and you, Micheal. You've got a little girl, she's 3 days old, THREE...DAYS...OLD...! Yet you decided that drinking beer and playing video games was of more importance than earning money to feed your daughter and her mother. that you're unemployed, is that little girl going to drink that beer, too?

Those two little kids are dependant upon you two idiots for everything in their lives, as are your girlfreinds, though to a lesser degree...they can leave your dumb butts at the curb... Those little ones can't.

Here's a hint... Grow up, and dig your heads out of your butts before you screw up those two little ones in the same fashion you're managing to screw up your own lives.

As angry as I am with you two, I'm also your friend. You need help, I'll be there for you, but you've gotta do your share.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 07:26 PM
That little boy is cute and cute can be. And at age 3 I think he's more mature then his father. Time for those two spoiled little boys to learn there is more to being a man then being able to father children.

Yeah, I know one of them lots of potential if only...........

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