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The Equal Fall of Society

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 05:46 AM
The reorganization of the social fabric is upon us. Society has reached a critical junction in evolution and is unable to efficiently assimilate the advances made in technology and thinking in the last several thousand years. As evolutionary history shows us this leads to only one thing, the destruction of the existing civil structure and the creation of a new one. One that is better integrated with the natural world around it and can use the knowledge in the ways it was meant.

When this occurs, the reality of everyone's fears will come true. We will have neighbors attacking neighbors in the attempt to get food. Nations will destroy each other over the minute amount of resources left. Mankind will implode in the largest destruction of inefficient knowledge and false virtue in our genetic history.

Religion will disappear and be replaced with true virtue gleaned from reason. People will realize that their faith was misplaced all along. Instead, of having faith in things and false ideas, people will place their faith in what is real, themselves. They will see that they should have had faith in their own being from the start, not in the insecurity of the perception of being alone in space.

I see two sides to this equation. The first is that of the fundamentalist or religious views. Both good and evil must be tempered because they create each other and then battle over the lost souls of the wayward mankind, wrecking everything. The second player on the field is that of truth. Science is about nothing more than the shared truth of all creation bar none. In order to explain all things you have to explain all things, period. Until good and evil destroy each other ignorance will rule the day and technology will be misused.

This period could last only a short time or could last decades. The time span is up to us. Our suffering is up to us. There is no outside energy source that will intercede or aid us. The entire outcome is up to us and how we have shaped our own future. The thoughts of the past directly equal the reality of the moment so we shall survive by our own will and what we have made of ourselves.

There are 3 contributing factors to this destruction: economics, politics, crime. These are the foundation of our society but are inefficient in their being. They create the inequality in the civil structure and cause men to doubt their own abilities. There is no man that creates or uses more energy than another, there is no man that is more important than another. If all men are equal, then, all men are equal.

The 4th Age of humanity is at an end and the 5th Age is about to start. The last 20,000 years of recorded history will be examined and the inefficient ideas and energy will be identified and removed from our being. After this, the human virtue will restart the cycle in a new direction...hopefully, one more efficient.

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 01:12 PM
i must agree however far above my head most of it is
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