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Obama Campaign Financing Scheme?

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posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 09:57 PM
This is a bit speculative and relates to The Foreclosure Prevention Act. Obama cosponsored the bill [along with Clinton] (Congressional Record) after this was announced "Homebuilders Halt Campaign Funding" (

This all seems well and good when you look at who has been contributing to his Presidential Campaign, because it has very little PAC (Political Action Committees) contributions...but THEN you have to dig a little deeper, because it turns out that Obama runs his OWN PAC, called the "Hope Fund", and while that seems fishy itself it turns out that the Hope Fund has given a lot of contributions to politicians who are his super delegates (, while the Hope Fund isn't required to show who is giving them all of this money (at least I can't find any records, or indication of public records)- even so he has an obligation to help his super delegates maintain contributions from powerful PACs. So as it appears to me, there is a little bit of money "laundering" going on to power the Obama campaign. It's also notable that PACs can simply tell members to donate as to bypass the limits on donations. The American Homebuilder Association is the 3rd largest Washington Lobbyist...they are who withheld the contributions, and they are the ones who wanted a multi-billion dollar bail out from Congress.

Thoughts? It looks like to me that man that wants "Change" is more of the same Washington scum.

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