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The Red Mercede's CLK

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posted on Feb, 24 2004 @ 10:53 PM
I remember having a dream a while ago (5-6 months ago)

I was in a cave with an old aquaitance of mine and we were killing snakes for some reason. Well anyways, the person i was with ends up throwing a snake at me becuz i accidently hit him with something, the snake bit me.

So I felt like the snake poisoned me and i was angry, so i told the aquaitance to come with me to my friend Shawn's house that was near by. We arrive to his apartment and my friend lets us in, at this point in the dream my aquaitance was a different person than earlier but i still remembere the stunt he pulled by throwing the snake at me so i told my friend Shawn "Get him Shawn! this ****er got me poisoned!"

My friend Shawn tackled him to the floor and started WHALING on him with punches (Shawn's a big guy) then i remember slicing up the guys face with a razor blade and seeing all the cuts on his face. Anyways, i remember the guy ending up escaping the apartment and me running through the apartment complex looking for a car to drive off in. I somehow got keys to a Red Mercede's CLK, i hop in it, and CLEARLY remember where in the car the ignition was (never drove that car b4 tho), i drove off in it (it was automatic).

The next day i call my friend Shawn up and tell him the dream, he freaked out and he told me that he remembered snakes being in his dreams the same night. But that was all.

I think either that same day or the following day, i was driving with this guy Chad (an abductee), and i pulled right behind of this Red Mercedez CLK just as i'm explaining the dream to him. I was like "thats it! thats the car that i drove off in!"

very strange, i still remember clips of that dream rather well

[Edited on 24-2-2004 by SniperEye]

posted on Feb, 24 2004 @ 10:56 PM
strange dream... by the way, there's a dreams forum on bts. just so ya know, not ostracizing you or anything. i doubt it really matters because i made the same mistake before and no one seemed to notice/care.

i have had dreams like that too though, where stuff in the dream would have relevance the following day or two.

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