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Mass Sighting Over Spain In1968

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posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 06:11 PM
keep reading cause it gets better

In previous reports I have already shown irregularities in the process of declassification launched in 1992.
Cases of May 1968 is a good example: although officially ensures that no reserve information, have not been released
reports of the pilots who tried to approach the objects on 14 and l5, and which are essential to In assessing the episode.
Over these 30 years CNES has not received anything about balloons launched in 1968 a request by our authorities,
as in good logic should have been done.
Had this been the case,we would know that the Balloons "accused" of provoking sightings of the morning of May l5
was launched the previous evening, reaching its ceiling of 34 km on the French Pyrenees.
According to the information about the flight, the balloon-which never entered into Spain-fell in Dax,
north of Navarre, 7.20 minutes after the hour l5: three hours before they were seen and detected these
strange objects over Madrid and Barcelona! So, how would this be detected if the stratospheric balloon was
already being collected by French scientists?

History is repeating itself in the event of the day l7 May. The French balloon,
without going into Spain, fell to 11 in the morning. At that time the fighters from Torrejon went to identify them.
The mission ended past noon and the object remained detected on the rádar Calatayud until six o'clock in the afternoon.
Therefore, the UFO remained in the sky seven hours more than the French balloon.
If the Spanish soldiers had released the reports of flights 51 and 53 of CNES,
the explanation would have been absurd. This is called, simply, handling. Una flagrante manipuación?
A flagrant manipuación? As if that were not enough, the objects were detected by two rádars when French balloons
did not lead to any device detection until l983. And to finish-for the time being-the official explanation serve another fact: the objects of May 1968 were able to remain static in the sky, despite the strong prevailing winds. . As the reader imagines, balloons moving in favour of wind[LOL]. But when moving, the objects reason for this interview did defy the god eolo.
Las increibles experiencia de los pilotos The incredible experience of the pilots
As the official report, two F-86 Zaragoza conducting maneuvers on Catalonia at the time of observation on the 17
could not get close enough to the object that was on Lerida. Thus, it was determined that two F-104 in Torrejón,
capable of reaching greater heights, took off on a "scramble". A few l5 miles from the end, the pilots,
whose report it has been released-made visual contact. According to the letter it's shape was that of a
"spearhead facing down." As we approached the object appeared to change shape and brightness.

"Although we had a camera installed in his report says the captain JJ Basque, whose name appears
on the official information censored-could not align the axis of the plane with the object", which explained the
experienced pilot JJ Benitez, had given a violent "pull" upwards at a speed that Zamora-colonel who was at the helm
of rádar Calatayud-estimated at 8,000 km / h. Impossible for a balloon, which in good condition barely
exceeds 50 km / h.

In the second attempt, Basque could take pictures, but the film came out dark.
It continued to rise with his game until the engine stopped (detail which is not reported by the AMM)
after the afterburner stalled. In a nutshell, the captain Basque gambled their lives chasing an object
capable of changing form (first seemed a "spearhead", then a "plane hung by the tail" and finally a sphere)
and that in a occasion led to a dual signal in the rádar, precisely at the moment that the pilots received
"two fuselage forms." If that object was a balloon then what could explain the intelligent behavior, and that
when the fighters approached "gave jerks" upwards away.

But in the case of May 15 the army has not released the reports of the pilots.
And only now, with the data offered by WORLD MISTERIOSO, may have "felt" that concealment.
The NMA said that only "ordered a scramble with film, but the high altitude of the object prevented a clear
identification and making the film, but the view of the pilots agreed that it was a balloon catheter."
As we see now, the army-for the umpteenth time-lies.

Testimony enlightening
Recently, a call was to change the course of my research on the case.
My contacr, Carlos Torrent, who had witnessed the the events of the day l5 May.
A few days passed and I received my home a thick report of 31 pages to a space where this
citizen exposed and knew about the incidents, "fed up" with the official explanations and versions
of certain sectors "rational" from the uología Espanola.

That morning Torrent observed the object from his home in the Via Augusta Avenue.
It was heading southwest and completely static, despite the prevailing winds.
Our informant mounted his telescope and then saw the object perfectly:
"the head was the form of a bullet or projectile, with a solid structure and metal,
apparently covered by a thin crystal film; at its base I could see a thin edge where it is refined and
reflected sunlight. Part shade hidden by the sun was bright white zone is not intense and faded, which arose
from the wall of the structure, as a red-hot iron, but in this case white (See drawing of Witness )? seemed far
from a stratospheric balloon, as they had seen them on several occasions. "
What would happen then - and only 30 years later acquires its true dimension, "explains that"
the reason for the concealment of reports by pilots of the fighters involved (four Spaniards and two Americans).
So the facts narrated Carlos Torrent: "At 10.40 am appeared a plane coming from the east, heading the UFO on a
clear attempt. Visually, I saw that the object had disappeared from the place where they had been found parked,
showing now higher and diverted to the south-southwest. Again to focus the object through the telescope, seeing
it now tilted to one side, while the whole structure had acquired a shade blue uniform, showing the object
refined and clear way, with profile rounded triangular vertices. Curiously, following promotion, this seemed
somewhat higher: had not diminished. "

"A few seconds disappeared again, to instantly appear higher and away?
For the third time made the same stretch, for the moment appear somewhat more remote.
In this new situation it had decreased in size. Then his speed increased with frequent sudden
accelerations short. Seconds before his disappearance alternated slowly about himself. those moments
launched a flash of light, no doubt caused by sunlight. "

The testimony makes clear the machinations of the Air Force. If they had declassified the report of
the pilots, this explanation of the socalled -balloon resorted by the French had been misplaced,
because the unknown object disappeared in the presence of fighter jets to appear again higher.
And this maneuver, plenty to say, was never conducted by a stratospheric balloon, as much as the MOA strive
because teleportation is still, for us, science fiction.
A sordid plot hidden
Angel Bastida, the final report of May 15, 1968 added an insidious tagline:
"From 13 to May 17, 1968 saw a wave of sightings over Spain which coincides with the CNES
stratospheric balloon? It supports the hypothesis it was BALLOONS ESTRATOSFERICOS.
" Thus the Air Force gave the explanation suggested by good 24 years earlier by the Franco regime,
endorsing those responsible for the judgement of the MOA Bertolt Brech: " And only deceit and concealment
of data and reports have been following the cases cited.

To be continued on next post ...

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 06:22 PM
reply to post by angelc01

Fantastic find. I'm also primarily an English speaker, and had never heard of this case. Thank you very much for not only bringing it to our attention, but for providing so much supporting information.

Very well done. Nice to meet you Angelc01!

Keep up the great work, I'll certainly be reading your threads!


posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by WitnessFromAfar
Thank you very much WitnessfromAfar for your comments and just to let you know there is plenty more and just as soon as I get some feedback from some members that have offered help in the translation I will keep posting, being that this particular case has some strong base of what is going on nowadays and we can compare situations that happened at that time.
What are we without history.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 09:03 PM
After this post I will submit some more info based on this thread with the aid of a well known ATS member

Curiously, the same argument MOA were championed since then by the sound of the sector called ufology,
led by Vicente in Spain-Juan Ballester Olmos, a researcher at the CIS (Centro de Estudios Interplanetarios)
accused of having secretly cooperated with the authorities in fraudulent declassification process..
While this point was refused on several occasions Ballester, WORLD MISTERIOSO already proved that these
allegations were true by showing a letter from him where he confirms the existence of a contract with the Air Force.

The contract cited in a letter of the overall private-chief of AMM, Alfredo Chamorro to Sequeiros, Chief of Air.
In the missive, dated November 1992, stated that Ballester has provided the MOA data on the French balloons launched
in 1968 and that "explained" the events of that year.
Thus, according confesses and the most representative of the AMM, Ballester was who provided data on the balloons
of CNES, hence that the French agency has not received any request from the Spanish army. .
It is no coincidence that the investigator Valencian usually maintained contact with Jean-Jacques Valasco,
director of SEPRA (Reentradas Atmospheric Service), an agency under the CNES and which deals with official
inquiries about UFOs in the country Gallo. Velasco has also been accused of collaborating with the European
authorities in the misrepresentation of the UFO phenomenon. Thus, there is no longer any doubt where they come
from the information on balloons 1968.

To make matters worse, a cut of the press "declassified" is a handwritten note that corresponds to the letter
of Ballester Olmos. More clear water.
I was able to get a text ERC annex to the report that this organization, led by Ballester,
conducted on the case of the day l7 May. This information has been deliberately hidden by the sectors
sound and the MOA, perhaps because they fed the possibility that what happened in May had nothing to do with balloons.
That letter says that one of the pilots involved in the case on May 17 Lerida, Nicholas Hijarrubia, had the opportunity
to observe a new UFO days later, on June 1, 1968 when flying over at its firing range Bardenas Royal (Navarre).
That letter-published exclusively-assured that "this time it perfectly observed as being a triangle and
on the base three spherical lights . Came also an F-104 telling the declarant that when they left the frequency,
the F - 104 also reported that it had lost the object. " In short: the authorities continue hiding data on the events
of 1968, keeping people outside an enigma that has lasted thirty years?

Everything happened past one from the meridian of that May 15. Jose Luis Gahona-pilot of the DC-9 with
destiny to Paris warned the rest of his crew. Soon, the journalist Alfredo Gonzalez Retuerce appeared in the
cabin with a Super-8 camera and filmed one object who was on La Rioja. The UFO appeared to be sphere with
three spheres hanging from two 'legs.

From internal orders, the Air Defense Command requested to the commander to demand a release of the
filming, but the author of the same refused to deliver. . But it was for a short time, because that evening,
at the Parisians hotel the journalist being at the capital, the military attaché at the Spanish Embassy was presented to
the journalist: " surrender the film to me, or I shall be forced to withdraw your passport."
Retuerce had no choice and handed the tape that was sent to Spain, reaching-according to the stamps
of entry-the headquarters of the Air. The MOA ensures that the same is not included in the dossier and that
"efforts to Sui location had negative result." The Command of the Air Defense indicates that the passenger
"was given free will to work." The falsity of the allegations has been called into question again?

It seems that even in Spain the long arm of the underground government has a strong hold

more will come: stay tuned !!!

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 03:09 PM
reply to post by angelc01

Spain was a dictatorship from the end of the Spanish civil war (1939) until 1975.

In the 60s it was an important piece of the strategic games between NATO and Warsaw Pact.

Maybe that had an influence.

[edit on 16/4/2008 by ArMaP]

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 03:56 PM
reply to post by ArMaP
That and the U.S. --remember there were many American pilots in Spain and Spain had many liaisons with the U.S. especially military and most probably inteligence liaisons as well.
If you take into consideration the balloon factor [shades of rosswell]

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