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Fear: A Prequel to 'Perception'

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posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 01:41 PM
Original Text by Pasiel M.

~ WE are responsible for the leaders we have chosen, so what should we do? Should we just revoke the powers given to our so-called leaders? I for one am no one's slave, there is nothing to fear. I hope you realize that you are part of creating the collective reality by your thoughts, and so by harboring thoughts of fear, what do you expect the outcome to be?

- There is enough frightened people on this planet, don't be one of them, it does you no good, nor anyone else. To combat your fears and then in return help others, knowledge is the greatest weapon, there is nothing that can defeat truth.... truth may be hidden or withheld, but never conquered, truth is eternal.

- The only power ANY of these governing powers has is FEAR. So you see, there is nothing to fear, WE hold the power they 'claim' to possess. They manipulate you to believe "everything is going to hell but WE are going to look after you." Seriously? You know that they are the one's responsible for all the crimes they are supposed to 'protect' us from.

- What is evil? Just an expression of lack of knowledge. Fear and selfishness..... the more you possess those qualities, the more 'evil' you are, there is no inherent evil, that is another one of those lies 'they' have fed you with to create fear, which they apparently are fond of creating.

- Don't you see? Fear is their 'game', where they make the rules, and that is the only way they can hold their 'power'. In the end, it is your choice what you want to focus on. Do you still want to play their game?

"One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never retains its original dimensions." ~ Pasiel M.

The Sequel: The Simple Truth

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