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Civilisation X: Eternity Restored

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posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 09:59 AM
reply to post by Illusionsaregrander

How about Instead of time you replace it with an (Energy Field) around a society, that would certainly gauge the direction in which an existance is going.

There is no movement without the change of energy.

How illusive is time? Very Illusive. How so? Go to another planet and check out its lifeforms and gauge it in the (field operation of time) and tell me what you get. If you are to gauge the overall advancement through a technological means and not a social one, how accurate would that be?

Really anything off this planet would place you into a different time arrangement. Every select planet out there has its own Unique Energy.

Why do think it is that people that go to the moon or just hover in a spaceship have no feel of time, because that energy is only unique to Earth. Without a gravity field it erases time.That is also why you do not need much energy out in space because the field of energy or the molecules of space around you is alive and aware. When you are floating around in a lower density enviroment you are actually replicating what it is to be in more of a spirit form.

So really those astronauts get a taste of what it is to be in a lighter form then the human flesh. They are taking their vehicle or body out into another form of energy and merging with its field of energy, and it so happens that gravity field is lessened and the effects on the minds consciousness would be altered or more free flowing.

See you move out into another civilisation outside this planet into another Solar system and now you see that there are beings made out of light that are breaking every law you have in you laws of physical mechanics and physics. You can't gauge them because your vision can't grasp the speed or intervals they are moving, they are moving so fast that it appears they are standing still when in essence they are doing laps around your (time mechanism.) You have just found out that they don't consume food, they already have an internal drive that creates all the energy they need, they don't need food because they are energy. They go through walls which with our three dimensional based laws is impossible, they bend time like a rubber band but weave everything together. Their speed is near impossible in a body yet they are doing the unithinkable. They are traveling at the speed of light or faster by traveling through something smaller then sub-atomic particle units. They are traveling on Particle Waves, is the closest denomination you can classify it under without re-inventing another TIME ARRANGEMENT. You are now seriously wondering should I classify it at all. Or should I let the Mind remain open to new possibilities.

The Gravity on a planet is an 'Intelligently Designed' feat.

Without the right energetic patterninig those bodies on Earth would be pulled off into another world or another living arrangement, outside Earth which happens frequently.

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posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by menguard

Ah, so you are discussing the relativity of time, rather than timelessness. Where time is apparently one thing to one sort of being, and apparently another to another sort of being.

In timelessness itself, there is no (can be no) movement. No evolution. No change. The eternal NOW, as some traditions speak of it, or as Parmenides conceived of "what is,"

From the "Proem" of Parmenides; located here in its entirety in parallel translations;

8.1 There is still left a single story
8.2 of a way, that it is. On this way there are signs
8.3 exceedingly many - that being ungenerated it is also imperishable,
8.4 whole and of a single kind and unshaken and complete.
8.5 Nor was it ever nor will it be, since it is now, all together,

8.6 one, continuous. For what birth will you seek for it ?
8.7 How and from where did it grow? I will not permit you to say
8.8 or to think from what is not; for it is not to be said or thought
8.9 that is not. What necessity would have stirred up
8.10 to grow later than earlier, beginning from nothing ?

8.11 Thus it must either fully be or not.
8.12 Nor will the force of conviction ever permit anything to come to be from what is not,
8.13 besides it. For this reason, Justice permitted it neither to come to be
8.14 nor to perish, relaxing her shackles,
8.15 but holds fast. But the decision about these matters lies in this:

8.16 it is or it is not. But it has been decided, as is necessary,
8.17 to let go the one way as unthinkable and nameless (for it is not a true
8.18 way) and that the other is and is real.
8.19 How could what is be in the future ? How could it come to be ?
8.20 For if it came into being, it is not, not if it is ever going to be

Timelessness as a concept is very difficult for the human mind to conceive, as the architecture of the mind itself dictates to us a sense of time, movement, etc. There have been many, many mystics who have tried to describe this timelessness, and many physicists as well. Now, even the more "mainstream" physics is having to look seriously at the possibility that time is apparent, but not necessarily "real."

Parmenides does a remarkable job of making this state "intelligible," if you follow the argument. And we are left with a state that is;

8.26 But unchanging in the limits of great bonds,
8.27 it is, without start or finish, since coming to be and destruction
8.28 were banished far away and true conviction drove them off.
8.29 Remaining the same and by itself it lies
8.30 and so stays there fixed ; for mighty Necessity

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 09:41 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

I feel the same way you do when I look at the sun and also the moon. When I was a kid I had these weird experiences where I would talk to the sun and the moon and they would talk to me, I was not dreaming. Because my parents, aunts and uncles know that I would call them several times ot come greet the sun and moon. I have had so many magical experiences, I love my life!! I remember only one thing they tpold me and it was, every living being is a shining star. That's all I can remember, so whenever I look at all the beigns in this planet I can see a star within them.

posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 02:06 AM
All these different features that make a situation real and unreal, how realistic is a place you can't even imagine, let alone behold in the thought processors.

Places where Up is down, right is left, good is bad, dark is light, nice is mean, change is growth.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 03:38 PM
Let the fun begin, wait a minute we are energy in constant motion and we generate as much as life, that we can adjust to.

So in the mass panic towns are obliterated wild life is running the streets mans technology gone, he has only his body as a tool of defence what does the tool do now.

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posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 02:16 AM
So the OP is a Markov Chain generator that's been fed strings of philosophy and solipsism, right?
It's definitely sparked conversation!

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