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Name that wrong

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 02:13 PM
Ever realized that there is nothing considered wrong unless it's involving or going to involve a torment put to you by you and/or by any other (person or animal)?

If it's something which causes torment put to you by any other than that torment is called punishment. There is nothing wrong towards a life of persons without torment.

Name something considered wrong that wont have an end result of torment gained in return because of it. You cant, can you?

Even an F given is a tormenting punishment for being wrong. If you do something wrong to another person in hopes that they wont get you back to torment you or that they wont bring you to justice to have you tormented, then what's that fear you get anyway? That fear there you get is of the possibility of being tormented, and is as a form of a torment. Therefore when being wrong toward another surely you are tormented in at least fear itself. Any being willing to go through any sort of torment is daring as a dare devil. Depending on the level of damnation the torment causes can make you faithfully a fool rather than faithfully wise. That saying: "no pain, no gain" is wise, but if the gain is severe damnation than that saying is preceived flipped to complete foolishness.

If you live in fear (which surely torments) than there is something you are doing wrong or there is something you're not doing that is wrong. Like if you aint acting in turning around your crookid government, and live in fear till it's changed, than that says you wrong for letting it be as it is. Yeah, ppl know when they are wrong. Sometimes you have to handle someone wrong with something or someone wrong to cancel both the wrongs out or to just cancel the most wrong out.

You can kiss ass and say you're sorry all you want, but wrongs wont dissapear as though they didnt happen in the first place. And certain ppl do heed which persons they wont want to do wrong to intentionally on purpose because they are punks and cowards. Mongrels! They know who they are. Disrepect is never random, it's tightly selective by poor or good judgment for it, and it is depending on one's postition.

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