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Stereotypes in our culture.

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 01:33 PM
Our culture is filled with more stereotypes than we would like to think. The United States as we know today has a corrupt government. We like to think that we have gotten over discriminating against the slaves and that we treat women equally so we don't discriminate against other people but people still discriminate against other people.

It's almost impossible for anyone to form an association with someone else without discriminating against something. Fat people are still discriminated against. People with disabilities are discriminated against and so are tech people. People who are interested in technology are often called dorks, geeks, or, other names.

Whenever we watch a movie we expect to find some insight from the movie. All movies do is display stereotypes of people facing real life events that happen all the time. Movies discriminate against every kind of person, blacks, women, and whites. The movie industry is the most racist/sexist industry in the entire world, because of the way that it portrays other people, and, the movie industry tries to make dirty things seem glamorous. At school, whether we like to believe it or not, people are labeled. People are labeled at school according to what they do. The current society we live in likes to discriminate against people for fun.

Discrimination hasn't ended yet. They are now doing what I call covert discrimination. They are trying to make it seem like it's not discrimination but when it really is but they're trying to hide behind the current laws so that it doesn't seem that bad.

Current civil rights activists will have to step up if they are going to get the current society we live in to be a lot more tolerant of people. The problem of discrimination has grown to epic proportions. I do believe that certain groups of the federal government let discrimination augment in the US.

First, the CIA. I believe the CIA was trying to manipulate the civil rights movement for their own gain.

Second, the DOD, for, trying to define what makes a person look suspicious.

Third, congress is responsible for the legislation that got passed that allowed discrimination to continue to exist. The legislation never really ended discrimination, but, it only ended certain types of discrimination, like discrimination against blacks and womens and disabilities. However, people like to stereotype everything these days. No one seems to be doing anything about that.

Stereotypes help people relate to certain things. It's a shame that the current culture we have believes that they are acceptable.

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 08:46 AM
Stereotyping is a part of our social makeup. We unconsciously stereotype so we can "belong" to those we want to belong to. Without stereotypes we wouldn't have any advertising, sales, supply and demand. The CIA and NSA are trying to watch our backs by developing detection methods for guilty persons.

"That person has something to hide". "The CIA is hiding something". How do we know or even suspect if we don't stereotype? Its so ingrained in human nature that we may never get rid of it.

Have a nice day.

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 08:50 AM
Stereotyping works. it can make the observer undertand the person and perhaps predict their actions. By grouping people you can come up with conclusive ideas such as what religion do they belong to? what type of car do they drive? what type of movies do they like? so it helps the observer to break down the person. it adds a layer of hidden truth that you can only retain in race and social action. basically, it can tell you so much about a person. it's not really stereotyping, but more of a personal profile.


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