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The murder of John Lennon was a CONSPIRACY!

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posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 08:55 PM
Ok. This may have been discussed here but I am going to ask the question anyway.

John Lennon was supposedly murdered by a crazed "fan" in close range. Ok I see that. The only people there were what Lennon and Ono and I think the driver? Ok Ono saw the gunman sure so lets just leave it at that, It was a crazed fan. But Does everyone actually believe this story? Just a Crazed fan?
I believe there was a more sinister plot to this. To the point, Lennon was killed by the government. His Peace talks, Rallies and thoughts on the worlds governments were getting the U.S. Power people fired up. I mean he was getting more people then there already was, against the war during Vietnam and they could not legally shut him up or even kick him out of the country.

So yea, I have not heard anything about this before. I also cannot place this in a professional Typing formant for I am just typing what I remember from a documentary Titled I believe "Conspiracy: John Lennon"

Anyone else think about this?


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