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fleas, oil stains and other follies

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posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 05:53 PM
This isn't really ats related its more of a blog rant but since I don't have one anymore all you nice people get to see it so here goes.

My house and yard are currently riddled with fleas its bloody ridiculous. I'm a poor 18 year old tafe student who is still living at home and its driving me up the wall. My mother wont do anything aside from spray the dog with a mixture that smells like vinegar, vanilla and tea tree oil and solves all of nothing. My house is raised but not built in underneath(quite common in Australia but seen almost nowhere else on earth) and the dog sits under there in the dirt and his fleas come up through my floor boards. In the time of writing this I've picked 5 damn fleas off my legs. What really frays me is the fact she knew the dog had fleas for moths but did nothing. i swear she trys to create problem. I'd fix it myself but as i said im an 18 year old student and there by dirt poor.

Oil Stains
I woke up at 7:30 this morning, my bus comes at 8:20 and was proply hearing some of the stupidest banter in the history of man kind from my family. My mother is kind of like Ned Flanders she makes up random words as she is talking. Anyway this is kind of useless to my point which is.
I did my washing last night like always only last night it decided to be cold so none of my clothes dryed. And this being my house for some obserd reason we don't have a cloths dryer, so in a desperate bid to get to tafe on time i had to put my clothes in the god damn oven! And stupid me forgot to put my shirt on a tray and now my brand new white t-shirt I've had for 4 days has a dirty great oil stain on it. So after I swore very loudly while flailing around my kitchen I composed myself and put my white shirt in the wash got a still wet polo off the line, got covered in fleas on my way back up stairs and put my polo in the oven. However this time having learned my lesson it went in a try and it is now both dry and splendidly warm, killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Needless to say I've missed my bus so here I am writing this to kill an hour.

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posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 01:06 AM
I am sorry to hear about the flea issue. Fleas are nasty, I have had flea problems twice within the last year, once when a neighbor's dog had fleas and spread them to my two dogs and just a month ago when we got two new puppies who must have already had fleas.

Flea products by themselves are usually inexpensive but usually to effectively get rid of fleas (especially if they have already infested the yard and house) you have to get ALL the products. Fleah shampoo, flea collars and treatment for the dog, powder for the yard and spray for the house, it can be expensive.

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