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The U.S. Constitition is fa, fa, fa foolin'

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posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 02:21 PM
How can you be for the U.S. Constitution?

Hear me out before you answer: I'm not apart of foolin myself anymore and so should you not be either foolin yourself. It's like why have a constitution that looks and sounds nice and dandy, when it aint being followed? The things therein the U.S. constitution are intentionally made to have to be argued in court after a breach put intentioanlly arguable. One would have to argue in court a breach of their constitional rights since it was deceivingly put for being argued. Therefore I dont care for this U.S. constitution that's null and void even by the damn government that relies on you not having the funds to go to court an argue the arguable. If it takes your time and your money to make the constitution stand up for you, then it is all see-through bullcrap.

We'd be better off surely "by" (not under) another country's constitution or whatever they have if that country firmly stands by their's to every word without it having to be argued in some court, whether or not it's completely dandy and nice. Yeah, the U.S. need to drop it's ego and hand over presidential, congressional, and military authority to another country (Russia) as I revealed in another topic. That's right this would become former U.S. territory and be labeled Russia's New Russia.

Anyhow, an "arguable" Constitition is no damn good. Can any of you understand that yet? We need a clear put firm unarguable/non-negociable (sp?) Constitution that ppl and their government must stand by through the good, the bad, and the ugly no matter what. If it wont be like that then we'll fall for everything every time into a nation of corruption by the governement and for the government. And now here breeds ppl who turn corrupt in the judging eyes of the corrupt who just want to fight fire with fire in circomstances under their corrupt government.

Name me all the countries that dont have an arguable type consititution.

Argueable types leave leaway for corruption and misconduct and mistreament to drop upon persons before going to a court they shouldnt have to and after coming from that court as that stuff proceeds any ol way because no one is following a constition they can not follow since it aint clearly firm in standing. The truely crooked use that to their advantage.

So I say out with the arguable, in with unarguable. If you are still liking the U.S. constitution then you are the fool that must like endless arguments that can go different ways which bring about division. Once you're apart of that back n forth division you leave yourself open to be conquered by the corruption that eats like cancer. We need and must have a constitution, but not the U.S. Constitution.

Think of the ppl that wrote the U.S. constitution... They should have been hung for fa, fa, fa foolin'.

Now what do you think about the U.S. Constitution? Do you consider yourself a true patriot that stands by it?

[edit on 30-3-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 06:34 AM
Mabus I don't quiet understand where your coming from concerning a non arguable Constitution . I grant you that the US political system is weird and undemocratic. A minority being the Superdelgates and the Electoral College have all the control so to speak. Aside from the way the dems run there primary race to my knowledge when people do vote and there vote counts it is something akin to First Past the Post in its purist form.

There are a variety of systems used world wide to ensure that a democracy and a democratic state go hand in hand . Preferential Voting , Mixed Member Proportional and Direct Democracy are all differnt political systems that are used world wide.


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