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Moderates- The Capitalist System is Doomed!

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posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 10:27 AM
Just a few thoughts whilst I was in the bath....

The Capitalist Systems of the world are doomed. That much was known from their inception. the elites of the world realise this and this is why the New World Order is likely to be totalitarian in nature rather than clinging to the vestiges of a sham democracy.


There is no complete philosophical foundation for the existence of a Capitalist system which describes in detail the needs of an individual beyond the material need. J. Bentham, J.S. Mill even Ayn Rand, do not describe what it is to be human and what a human needs to be coimpletely fulfilled. The needs of a human being are then pooled into one pot called Materialism from which an individual draws. This system replaces God and spiritualism by money and consumer goods.

The human being is given certain freedoms for which Mr Bush and Co. want to 'fight'. These are political, intellectual, individual and economic freedoms. The individual becomes the most important part of a state and is not given enough to meet his material needs. There is also an uneasy stand-off between the rights of minorities and the majority, who are in a far stronger position to demand their rights and can trample the rights of the minorities. Now we have unhappy individuals who need more material goods for satisfaction and unhappy minorities.

Massive industrialisation has concentrated the wealth of entire nation in the hands of 3-4% of the population and they want their slaves to be ignorant of their true situation and make our societies information poor and entertainment rich. Not many care about 2 million dead Rwandans or 1 million dead Iraqis due to the silence from the media.

We are using up the natural resources of the Earth at breakneck pace. There are limited natural resources and therefore the economic growth of nations will inevitably decrease until it is zero. The resources that God gave us are being sold to us by greedy Capitalists.

But where do Moderates come in?

What we need to do is to create a system which is in harmony with the needs of the Earth and the Environment and the only way I can see us doing this is to create jobs and small industry where the worker is paramount and not the work. For example, a move can be made to encourage small industries at a local level like glassmaking, paper recycling etc... which will allow the environment to recover.

We need to build small communities where every industry is at a small scale and people can spend time to get to know each other and to love their work. We need schools which teach children what they want to know rather than having this imposed from above. We need small media outlets which do not depend so heaviy on advertising. We need these societies to be organised so that the needs of all of society can be met including the needs of minorities. I am not advocating that we all become Aamish. Just to think more wisely. Is this achievable? I would like to think so. If a group of like minded individuals can build such a system that is in harmony with the Creator and the Earth then surely there would not be entire generations of screwed up individuals.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 01:59 PM
Capitalism is the most efficient and equitable economic systemt ever devised. Like all human endeavors, it is far from perfect and need constant maintenance, but nothing has ever come even close to providing so much for so many.

Can that Marxist poop and get on the bandwagon.

posted on Apr, 19 2008 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by GradyPhilpott

You can't really say that because there hasn't been a non-capitalist system that has had a chance to work to compare to. So really of course it looks good all by itself, but if you look deeper its nothing but exploitation at the expense of the majority of the worlds population.

The worlds resources were monopolised by the few at a time when the majority were not educated enough to know what was going on. By the time we became educated enough to realise it was too late. Some of course didn't realise and have spent generations chasing carrots when we could have been building a system that was fair to ALL not just a lucky few.

How many have caught that carrot and isn't it time you realised it ain't gonna happen? But then probably not as the American attitude seems to be for self rather than community. That btw being another symptom of the disease of capitalism, the break down of society created by a lack of community awareness. People consume while society falls down all around them. Rome anyone?

An interesting point is that you can have socialism without capitalism, but you can't have capitalism without socialism...

Capitalism is the Mona Lisa, Socialism is the nail that holds it up. Without Capitalism all you have is an ugly nail in the wall. Without Socialism you are left with only a broken work of art on the floor

(Not sure who said that? Anyone?)

Edit to add; Actually the nail is the real hero in this story...
Workers solidarity!

Oh and yeah the OP is correct...
The Dilemmas of Capitalism (PDF)

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