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McCain's Crazy Spiritual Guide Largy Ignored by US Media

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posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 11:54 PM

John McCain's "Spiritual Guide" Calls For Destruction Of Islam

These wacko's also tend to call for the expultion of Palestinians..mass murder of civilians etc. yet

The US mainstream media ignors this CNN,FOX, networks, etc. even newspapers .. they have ongoing articles talking about Obama's pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright .. often putting pictures of Obama and Write side-by-side or showing the 2 photographed together..the propaganda pundits such as oriely etc. then have these endless 'debates' in which they go on and on, day after day.

This is proof that the US media is a totalitarian propaganda machine no better than the soviet union's we see the entire media machine attacking obama on this issue simply by talking about it endlessly, while ignoring McCains wacko..and at the same time forign english news sources in the US like aljazeera english, DW, BBC World are blocked out of the vast majority of American satelite and cable TV systems.

This is a blatent fascist attempt of the biased american media to push for a mccain victory in november by trying to cast BLACK Obama in a negative light associated with 60's era black panther types.


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