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The top 3 unknown conspiracies of our lifetimes

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posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 07:01 PM
Want to know who "they" are? It took me 43 years to figure it all out, since I was 18. I'm 61. I now present, "them".

Do you know the top three conspiracies in the U.S.? …not counting 9/11, JFK, the Cold War hoax, GM/DuPont’s planned military coup to take over the U.S., BCCI, and AIDs designer gene in Agent Orange, because each is part of No. 1. I’ve listed No. 3, even though it’s a subset ...because it’s so hidden.

Can you guess the No. 1 conspiracy in America? I'd like to know your ranking. Some families in No. 1 documentation put Johnson in office then got defense contracts for 30 years. Guess who? ... Kelly, Brown, and Root -- owned by Halliburton (who has all the intelligence and defense contracts now), bingo. But who are "they", behind ALL U.S. wars from 1913 to 9/11 to Iraq, and 30 ongoing wars? Who’s No. 1?

3. Got smoke? Get Nabisco. -- The lawsuit by the European Union and South American countries against Reynolds Tobacco-Nabisco for laundering narco-dollars with Camel Cigarettes. Documentation at Make sure you scroll down about 25 paragraphs and you’ll find the subhead: RJR Nabisco. If you read the whole 6-part article... your life won’t be the same ... mine wasn't.

2. Sex crimes and videotape? – The Vatican Sex Ratline: Crimens Sollicitationis - secret decree by the Pope every Catholic bishop must follow that says Catholic priests can’t talk about it when they rape, impregnate, prostitute, sodomize, gang rape, and do s&m practices with children. Each local diocese office has a secret record of children raped and/or made pregnant by their priests, and abortions the diocese pays for. The Vatican wild card of diplomatic immunity let’s them not turn over records to police or prosecuting district attorneys. Documentation at -- (use refresh button if pop-up ads block site or just x-out of the ads), go to the menu link called "Crimens Sollicitationis" also see a documentary trailer that will break your heart --

1. Got war, terrorism, starvation, sickness, racism & poverty? The Fed is privately owned by an interlocking directorate of private shareholders, who also founded and own Halliburton; Kelly, Brown and Root; and Bechtel -- not to mention banks that own the oil and utility companies, and sent American technology to U.S.S.R. since 1923 and later sent U.S. currency printing plates. In 1906, German Paul Warburg came to America and in seven years had Congress establish the Fed (his family in Germany was in charge of the German central bank and advised (and financed) German military intelligence in WWI (not to mention WWII) while brother Paul was in charge of the Fed and financed WWI for the U.S. By 1929 Paul bankrupted America and sent all our gold to Germany. Fed shareholders bought up German business after WWI and WWII, and German, Japanese (GM owns half of Toyota) and Italian after WWII. The CIA, being the Fed’s private army, was founded by two of three men who wrote the Law For The Purification of the German Blood, a legal basis for genocide of Jews by "Nazis" (including double-and triple-agent Americans on Wall Street like Allen Dulles, and by 1952 the Fed’s “Christian West” spies made Hitler's anti-Soviet propaganda the mainstay of Republican and Democratic platforms – which triumphed in the Reagan-Bush administrations. The Reagan-Bush Administration was actually run by Nazis, traitors and Fed shareholders. For documentation, see: Use refresh buttons or x-out of ads that may block the website from coming up. At menu, click “Fed Private Shareholders” charts, researched by Congress but kept secret.

Blast off.

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posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 07:27 PM
reply to post by counterterrorist

Great post. I'd like to know if you have hooked into the illuminati, 13 bloodlines, and the NWO yet? If so how do they fit into the 3 conspiracies of all time you listed?


posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 03:12 AM
reply to post by watchZEITGEISTnow

Thanks. Yes, two out of three.

NWO is the private shareholders of the Fed who co-direct and are codirected by (plus) the other Western central bank owners. I call them "the money-issuing" class because they are above the working class, the middle class, the upper class and the ruling class.

Wm. Domhoff's "Who Rules America", orig edition is a favorite book, however, Bill (who up to a couple years ago taught at U.C. Santa Cruz, I spoke with him on the phone) is not aware of the "money-issuing class". Who Rules America says the members of The Blue Book Social Register are who owns and rules America -- and he extensively documents it. But, who rules that "ruling class", is the "money issuing class aka NWO". When the Presidents Bush refer to "Family Values" they are referring only to NWO money-issuing class family values.

The money-issuing class has no national allegiance only loyalty to their international, interlocking corporate banking directorate ...therefore, the Fed money-issuing class aka NWO simultaneously financed the Nazis and the Russians (who were killing each other) during both world wars. And sold weapons technology to the U.S.S.R. who sold it to the Viet Cong to kill Americans during the Vietnam war -- transfer of U.S. technology was started by Harriman and Ruskombank, according to (and Goggle) 'Antony Sutton'

Harriman financed one faction (of about 20) of the Russian Revolution. While the 'Soviets' -- meaning 'workers governing committees' were eliminated by the Bolsheviks whom (as I recall) Harriman financed.

Another 'must read' is The Great Conspiracy Against Soviet Russia, endorsed on the back cover by the VP of the U.S. when it came out. It was written by two San Francisco journalists and is a fast read if you like reading about how Nazi military intelligence financed Trotsky and penetrated Russian intelligence (this was before the Reinhard Gehlen's Nazis infiltrated (actually, formed) the CIA. Haven't talked with Dave Emory for a few years, or with Paul, but Paul's has Dave's recommended reading list and several online books (scroll down) The Nazis Go Underground by Kurt Riess is on there and is a good read ... just now couldn't find (so goggle) 'The Great Conspiracy Against Soviet Russia' on that list.

I spoke with Eustace Mullins about a year ago, he's about 85 now -- his "must-read" is online at telling how all of America's wars starting 1775 have been against private ownership of central banks. Eustace can sound "over the top" because he refers to the Rothschilds as "jews" ... and is misunderstood as being anti-semitic. He says WTO are devil worshippers and Satan's followers in some essays ... but who cares. Anyone who wrote Secrets of the Federal Reserve is entitled. America was 'defined' by fighting off the privately owned English central bank -- it was not a tea party at all. Jefferson (& Lincoln, Garfield, Jackson, Kennedy -- Jackson's assassination failed when two derringers misfired) wanted a publicly-owned central bank versus Hamilton, Wilson, Nixon, Carter, Clinton, Reagan, Bush and apparently Obama wanted a privately owned one.

The Illuminati -- no longer practical for me to study and I've forgotten what I researched about them compared to the NWO aka "money-issuing" class. In other words, in today's world, the Fed interlocking directorates of the western central banks aka 'money-issuing class' aka NWO can be identified and held responsible for today's ongoing 30 wars. And, are looked at in terms of their narco-petroleum-weapons dollar influence ... Peter Dale Scott's excellent work Not talked w/Peter for several years, he recently retired from U/C Berkeley.

What's the 13 bloodlines?

posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 03:29 PM
Again, awesome information counterterrorist, thankyou!

Here is a link to the 13 ruling bloodlines:

Also a link on "False Flags" you may find interesting that you touched on, how to win public support for a war ect:

Fantastic stuff, thankyou for your exposure of a parasite society that has for too long been hidden from the public.

Also yesterday I watched a google video I think will tie it all togeather for you, it was extremly informative, found off another link in this forum:


posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 04:06 PM
The biggest conspiracy is as follows as far as i am concerned.

1) Mind Control (nothing is more dangerous to all of us, and none of us appreciate how powerful it is today.

2) Mind Control

3) Mind Control

There is no other conspiracy that comes close to this.

posted on Mar, 30 2008 @ 05:09 PM
reply to post by counterterrorist

Outstanding posts. Top notch!!!

I read the writings of Eustice Mullins 30 years ago and you are right on the money with that one!!!! He should be a must read for everyone. I learn something new each time I pick up one of his books. His book on "The New World Order" is great.

It's also my understanding the Bolshevik Revolution was a Rothchild's plan to loot Czar Nicholas of the world's second largest fortune. The Czar planned to use his vast fortune to bring an industrial revolution to his country and with its endless supplies of natural resources, to create a "New Rome" (Romanoff - RomaNova) in Russia to compete economically against the powers of the West. Of course, the West's POB's, Rothchilds, Warburgs, et al. could not let this happen. The Czar (and his entire family) were disposed of, the Bolshevik Revolution was created and implimented, and the Russian people were saddled with a bankrupt economic system created for them by Western bankers. And of course, the Romanoff's fortune went to the Rothchilds.

On a further note, it has always been my understanding that while General McArthur was on the USS Missouri signing the WWII peace documents with the defeated Japanese, the Rockefeller and Morgan bankers were buying up all of what remained of Japan's industries, for pennies on the dollar. So most, if not all of Japan's Industrial base belongs to US bankers. If you doubt me, try this one. SONY is a US corporation.
SONY - (S)tandard (O)il of (N)ew (Y)ork. I know, I know, it's another one of those little coincidences.

And don't leave out the "Skull and Bones" guys at Brown Brothers Harriman. This banking firm has been doing the Rockefellers dirty work since the 1930's. The real dirty work!!!! During World War II, part of the firm assisted Hitler while another was at the side of ole Joe Stalin. Figure that one out. I also believe BBH had operational control of the Bay of Pigs and the consequences of its failure.

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 07:36 AM
reply to post by watchZEITGEISTnow

watchZEIGEISTnow …wanted to read all the references you gave me before replying. I went to learn about 13 bloodlines at as you suggested. I have a much better understanding of Illuminati (thanks for sending me there) who are the 13 bloodline families and dynasties to date, who tend to control everything and genocide everyone. At first, I was greatly impressed by the info and author's comprehensiveness and dedication as I read the first bloodline. Then, as I read successive bloodlines, the author said he knew less of each bloodline (but he's done a great job and I have a great respect for him because of the depth of his passion to understand the causes for injustice and the thoroughness of his investigation to expose perpetrators) ...then seemed to focus on satanic aspects I know nothing about (and prefer not to investigate). I’m grateful you directed me there, I acquired an almost complete understanding of the illuminati and their 13 family dynasty bloodlines (To answer one of your original questions to me, I can now say: the 13 bloodlines and illuminati fit into the No. 1 category of my original post quite well).

Second link you referred me to 'false flags' was interesting. 'False flag' incidents are more commonly called "provocations" …designed to target folks who didn’t cause the incident. FBI Cointelpro (counterintelligence program) programs of decades ago (probably still), i.e. utilizing agent provocateurs to start riots at peace or anti-nuclear-plant demonstrations in order to have police bust demonstrators, are 'false flag'-generating techniques. It’s also a methodology of destabilization leading to counter-revolution (aka civil war) that Lou Wolf ‘s Covert Action Bulletin & Covert Action Quarterly cover, dedicated to disbanding the CIA and FBI …the only such watchdog anti-spook periodicals. Haven't spoken with Lou for about 5 years or more, I hope he's well. I bought all back issues once ... ...ATS folks can look at all nine pages of back-issue covers and contents, if interested in behind-the-scenes CIA activity in death-squads, Yugoslavia, Cuba, China, chemical and biological warfare, BCCI, Iran Contra, MK-Ultra, mind-control, Cointelpro, destabilization of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, incorporation of Nazis into the CIA and U.S., JFK, RFK MLK jr. Articles were written by the best intelligence historians. The earlier and middle issues which are heavily referenced I favor over later ones less referenced.

The third link you referred me to did, as you said, fill in the picture. Not only did it cast further light on illuminati, but on dozens of events and conspiracies to date including many I totally left out of my original post intro, "global warming"-as a hoax and also "sustainable living"-as a methodology for eliminating 90% of mankind. Also the mandate for all farm animals by 2012 to have growth hormones and non-clinical antibiotics. I'm surprised and relieved how the last 15 minutes ended. For the only film I've ever seen containing dozens of illuminati 13 bloodline exposes in our lifetimes ...then for it to end saying we're externalizing our fears and projecting them then attacking our projections in order to spiritually complete ourselves to project love not fear, then document how fear and love affects our DNA formation is enlightening and made me peaceful. But, I still can't or won't make the transition not to care and not trying to stop “them” and their selfish, killing machines. (The Fed's 100 year anniversary is 2012-31). Thanks again for taking the time to guide me.

p.s. What's the movie, Zeitgeist, about? Why do you want people to see it.

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 08:07 AM
reply to post by andy1033

I think I have mind control and social engineering lumped together by mistake. But because of your response, I've had to think it through.

But, mind control may be more specific, I think, when it's applied to one person, whereas social engineering is mass oriented propaganda?

For example, MK-Ultra using '___', torture and electro-shock lobotomy apparently was used on Paul Robeson, according to his son. Paul was about the same stature as Martin Luther King, Jr. J.Edgar Hoover disliked him and was afraid Paul would align himself with Fidel Castro. Paul was a black actor, athelete, law student, actor and was invited all over the world to sing negro spirituals and respected by people struggling. According to his son, Paul returned to his hotel in U.S.S.R. where a party for him by people he didn't know was going on in his hotel room. He reportedly went into the bathroom and slit his wrists in the bathtub, then later was given 13 electro-shock treatments by a psychiatrist associated with CIA's MK-Ultra mind-control program make programable assassins.

Whereas social engineering is more like propaganda, making people into intellectual robots, like the Illuminati money-issuing class Christian West Crusade for Freedom that was Hitler's anti-Communist program that became the main platform in the 1952 Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns and everyone like robots forgot that the USSR defeated the Germans in WWI & WWII and were our allys and Germany was our enemy. But by 1952, we'd hired Hitler's Reinhard Gehlen to run the anti-Soviet faction of the CIA and let him also run NATO and New Germany intelligence and almost overnight people were told -- and believed -- that Russia was our enemy and wanted to destroy us.

When you tell someone new what mind control is, how do you explain it to them, are there any examples? Do you think mind control and social engineering is the same or different?

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by counterterrorist

First I want to welcome you to ATS with most warm thoughts, sir. My respect. This is the way to open membership, huh... Great post, and already very educational inside of it. And whats most important, with many of your own opinions too!

I reply to your first answer about your concerns and research from Illuminati.

You mention different classes of society. Middle- and Higher class, and also regular publics. I dont know what is your stance, how you know that you are positioned in, but I want to share my view to this important issue.

I have lived my life in Noble family, with fortunes and position earned in beginning from King of England, at Scotlands leading nobles, and then great land ownerships earned from Swedish King from Danish-Swedish war at 1600th, and later that same century. Family is very old, including members of cabinets, ministers, bankers, factory ownerships and even Martin Luther in it. Today fortunes comes mostly from corporation called Nokia. Family is nobles in both dynasty, and later born republic of Finland.

There is many levels of nobles, but after seen this clearly, I see only one public. If you are in the circle, you know it your self, by official government way, or crowned by your society through membership of certain organizations. You just know it, by how you are being treated. All nobles are nobles, still keeping their place today in society, like in history, and they have many privileges when we compare them to public.

Lets put it this way. Public has no value as individuals, they do has their value as slaves, groups and members of nations, but as individuals, by their mind and will, they are all meaningless in the way that nobles see the world. More than opportunity, public forms a danger to them, and their stance, and to be and communicate with them, is always a step for noble, who see the line witch they cross.

That line of society, from history to today, is the only clearly visible, and true line inside of our societys trough out the western world, how we see it today.

Media keep sending their view from different classes, and "multi class" world, but thats only one of important international conspiracy intentions. Keep that illusion alive, that public has and can have different meanings earned by their personal value, by their "priceless" works. Order send that fault message, that public have possibility to lift their status in eyes of nations, by their own obedience. Hollywood makes it clear trough celebritys all around: But its only illusion, important part in their big picture.

Supported illusions keeps country together. Illuminati or Masonic rules are not illusion, they are very real. Even the brightened ones doesnt usually understand their important part as organizations of something, what is more greater than them, but understanding Illuminati is great step to opened eyes and deeper education from what you are. Thats why I keep saying the word, that peoples start to see it can be true, like it is.

Like I say, Nobles do have different levels. I have seen that "de facto" so many times in my life. From down levels of noble hierarchy is not so easy to see up, to all those steps and complicated rules of dynasty, and power. From up you can see it clearly. My ex-wife was a true Noble: You can not find more racist, but wise, woman in your life than she was. She study me a lot in many issues. Decade we were together, I see another world inside of ours.

I have put my self so much between these two ruling aspects of life, and you can call me whistle blower in this, and I really do seen there in noble life very great faults, and destructive impacts, so I every day study this even deeper, and I try to send my messages out from my findings. World is a huge power structure to investigate.

I certainly hope some of your great questions, and I will read all your posts deeply in future. Thank you already, and once again, welcome to ATS, sir!

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 10:05 AM
Welcome to ATS.

This is a well constructed and informative post. While I will withhold comment on much of it until such time as I have been able to study the material in greater detail, I am intrigued by what I have so far found.

I wish more threads were started with such documentation and well thought out posts.

Starred and flagged.

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 10:33 AM
Thanks for your post, counterterrorist.....very informative and I haven't read through all the links yet.

I am also inclined to agree with andy1033. Mind Control, to a specific individual sets up the knowledge of the what and hows of our collective physiologies(we are not all the same, so it is repeated to obtain the mean) so as to better set up a generalized social tactic....why?

To retain the normal flow of society. Walking, talking sea monkeys with our own terrarium.

The corporate and social ministrations highligted by yourself, though very important, do not necessarily explain to the reader why the reader does anything or what is immediately responsible for his/her physical reactions and subsequent behaviours, beyond gaining the ire for religious institutions and large corporations.

In my opinion, that is what makes 'Mind Control' or 'Social Engineering' the numero uno of all conspiracies. The very fact that people somewhere some how made decisions specifically to gain a specific pre-determined response from someone(s) they have absolutely no interaction with. The Advertising Industry is proof.

Thanks again...

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 02:02 PM
very interesting read.
will deffo keep up in this one.

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 05:21 PM
i'd like a picture of you wrinkled hand to prove you are the age you say you are i have read your links they are great, but i want to know for sure

"It took me 43 years to figure it all out, since I was 18. I'm 61."

i want to know if you have really watched all of this and spent 43 years figuring it out, or if you are some kid who thinks they have it all figured out and is a good poster(it would just have more weight IMO and would mean more, an 18 year old kid was born with cd's and computers technologies we still use today, they haven't see enough, or any real change in the world IMO) either way great post and i'd read anything else you would care to post even if you get a little looney as long as you keep the links coming

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by JanusFIN

Mind control protection & counter-measures

Thanks for your kind words and sharing your insights. I found them helpful.

(The owning-class-noble sub-group at the website below is formed of adults who as kids had emotionally-distant parents so the kids had hurts in common and as adults had to learn not to feel guilty for being privileged to learn not to perpetuate oppression.)

For add’l info go to
Class societies evolved through greed, tolerated as tools to master the environment allowing some members time and leisure to think, accumulate knowledge, and plan activities to exploit the majority by a ruling minority. Principal forms of class societies are: slave societies; feudal societies, and capitalist (working-class/owning-class aka ‘noble’ societies).

a)”REFORM” OF AN OPPRESSIVE SOCIETY CANNOT BRING LIBERATION FROM OPPRESSION. REPLACEMENT IS NECESSARY. Since the sole reason for the oppressive society is oppression and exploitation, such oppression and exploitation is bound to be re-introduced in some other form as long as the oppressive society exists.

b)WHILE HURTING PHYSICALLY OR EMOTIONALLY, OUR FLEXIBLE HUMAN INTELLIGENCE STOPS FUNCTIONING. Class societies maintain oppression and exploitation to secure cooperation of groups to oppress each other by installing attitudes of racism, prejudice, discrimination, sexism, and oppression of young people between different sections of oppressed populations.

c)THE BASIC MECHANISM FOR KEEPING ANY PERSON IN AN OPPRESSED CONDITION IS THE INSTALLATION UPON THE PERSON OF A DISTRESS PATTERN OR RECORDING BY HURTING HIM OR HER IN AN OPPRESSIVE AND INVALIDATING WAY. When the distress pattern is re-stimulated, the first result is to be forced again into the role the person filled in the original hurt experience. The person is pushed to "accept" or "agree" to be oppressed, to accept the invalidating feelings, to be defeated in the attempt to remain human. The slave "agrees" to be a slave, the serf picks up his hoe and bows his head, the wage-worker feels inferior and "lucky to have a job." The second result occurs when, in an attempt to escape the role described above, the victim of re-stimulation seeks relief by "occupying" a different role in the re-stimulated distress recording, the role of the oppressor. The male victim may turn abuse and invalidation originally turned on him on a woman (sexism), or a white victim may turn it upon a black person (racism).

d)OPPRESSION ONLY OPERATES THROUGH DISTRESS PATTERNS. The person who functions as oppressor has first been oppressed then manipulated into the other end of the oppression pattern. If we help the person acting out an oppressor role to discharge that pattern, that person will cease being an oppressor and be an ally.

e) AN OPPRESSIVE SOCIETY ACTIVELY REINFORCES oppressive results with false “theories”, propaganda, discriminatory treatment, religious pronouncements and secret societies mobilized to cooperate to invalidate and defeat of every other group.

f) Most damage done by oppression is done by its internalized form, in which victims continue to oppress themselves, oppress each other within the oppressed group, and as a group attempt to oppress other groups and members of other groups oppressed in a way their own group is oppressed.

g) AFTER THE DISTRESS EXPERIENCE IS OVER, the distressed human spontaneously seeks aware attention of another human. If (s)he can claim and keep aware attention of the other person, a "discharge" is signalized by crying or sobbing (with tears), trembling with cold perspiration, laughter, angry noises and vigorous movement with warm perspiration (tantrum), non-repetitive, interested talking, or yawning in a different way, scratching, stretching. Discharge requires time for completion. On completion, the negative and anti-rational effects of the experience are completely eliminated.

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 12:15 AM
Hi counterterrorist,

Welcome & thanks for the great post, I remember picking up Covert Action Q back in the early 90's and was just blown away-I couldn't believe they were getting away with publishing that stuff. Now the internet is FULL of that kind of information for the taking-and still people are mostly unaware, or maybe just as unaware as ever. I hope not!

That would lead me to think that one of the top 3 conspiracies would be "awareness control". Which I guess would fit in mind control but it includes the manipulation of information. CAQ certainly wasn't on every newsstand-and today people watch tv and read newspapers and fail to connect the dots because of the presentation of what passes for news. Who could make sense of a series of soundbytes shot at you endlessly, mixed with celebrity garbage and never seeing a story covered in any depth? All the other nefarious acts are made possible by this secrecy/brainwashing/distraction by the media.

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 01:11 AM
The piece by Catherine Austin Fitts is one of if not the most convincing conspiracy theories I have ever read. Thank you for this window into the HUD.

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 02:47 AM
reply to post by counterterrorist

counterterrorist thanks for all this amazing information but i have a question - does the black budget projects come into this in anyway?

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 04:17 AM
reply to post by Oldnslo

Thank you. I've learned some things from your reply.

You're enthusiasm for Mullins has moved me to contact him again. I was encouraging him to do a new book project, then I dropped out for 6 months (to finish a project).

On another topic, what do you make of Peter's article:
"Homeland Security Contracts for Vast New Detention Camps" and update

The article is at Top 25 Censored Stories website

Peter’s website is

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 06:20 AM
reply to post by MemoryShock

‘Mind control protection & counter-measures’

MemoryShock, I agree with you and Andy1033 that mind control is a high-level priority conspiracy. And, I guess it could be argued that it's one of the 3 top unknown conspiracies of our time, because for people who are mind controlled, it's unknown to them they're mind controlled. However, sometimes they do know it's happening and they're not hypnotised at all.

(I have a few url examples at the end of this post, perhaps the best example I've seen, of that, called, 'They Thought They Were Free'.)

Besides, it's one thing to be mind controlled, and it's another thing to be un-mind controlled.

please read my reply to JanusFin, called: ‘Mind control protection & counter-measures’ -- it's about being un-mind controlled.

I didn't originate the content (see the url), I just tagged it ...however, I have interacted with people who are members of that group in person, and the techniques worked for me. In fact, I have to start practicing them again to get more un-mind controlled ... because I still tend to be vindictive and sarcastic at times, which is oppressive behavior projected onto others.

I’ve learned so much is a few days from the urls watchZEIGEISTnow supplied to me, especially that Esoteric Agenda movie, I’ve been humbled a bit by the knowledge level of ATS folks.

Here are a few classic examples of people voluntarily submitting to mind control:

Milton Meyer’s ‘They Thought They Were Free’ (don’t let the backwards swastika put you off, it’s anti-Nazi not pro-Nazi writing):

Smedley Butler’s ‘War is a Racket’

They Thought They Were Free Shows People allowing themselves to be mind-controlled.
War is a Racket admits Butler allowed himself to voluntarily 'suspend original thought' and be mind-controlled while he was in the military.

I agree with you that advertising can be proof of unconscious mind control and I think it’s useful to know some mechanics of mind control according to a private study by a Madison Avenue firm I read in 1972, about tactical advertising campaigns or steps to move someone to action, that is lierally referred to in the trade, as "capturing shares of public mind".

Introduce something new into the “public mind”.

Show how it meets the needs of the “public mind”.

Move the “public mind” to action.

Reinforce that ‘call to action’ so as to occupy as much of the “public mind” as possible as there is only so much info a mind can hold and no room for competing messages should be left.





Classic direct marketing says that men respond to petitions of power, strength, virility, control” whereas, “women respond to petitions of reliability, reputation, cleanliness, authority, safety, dependability.

Dependable. Dependable. Dependable. Dependable.
Respected. Respected. Respected. Respected.
Be clean. Be clean. Be clean. Be clean.
Stay safe. Stay safe. Stay safe. Stay safe.

posted on Apr, 1 2008 @ 06:30 AM
reply to post by NGC2736

Thank you. I'm also intriqued by how much I've learned in a few days by the replies and urls ATS folks have sent to me in return, especially watching that Esoteric Agenda movie AND learing about the Illuminati and 13 bloodlines all in a few hours. That's like absorbing lifetimes and lifetimes of revelations compiled by the brightest and most well-meaning folks ever on the planet.

When you get a chance, could you look at my responses to JanusFIN and MemoryShock called: ‘Mind control protection & counter-measures’.

I've attributed that info to a url. I didn't make it up, it's the heart of that url, and affectively reverses the effects of mind-control.

I'm new to ATS and not sure the best way to present that info. I just know when I read it 10 or 15 years ago, it seemed like the most revolutionary, liberating yet gentle info I ever read ... and that someday I could use it in the future to help others, just by passing it on. Then, I forgot about it for 15 years and it immediately came to mind after reading and rereading JanusFIN's reply to me.

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