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Lets be honest. We cant do anything about the end times. But hear me out first

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posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 04:32 PM
"global warming is going to do this and that within the next decade,we need to start changing stuff now"

how. how are we gonna implement a global plan to somehow moderate pollution? people and corporations have not truly given a damn this long, so what makes you think that now in this day and age that we are in, that we would honestly change our habits.
hell, for one, no one can pick a side.there is always this person saying this, and than this overly emotional person claiming this. so anyone not informed, trying to get informed, is just gonna be lost in what to believe, and will eventually not give a #$%.

you know what, the list goes on for doom and gloom speculations for the next 4 to ten years, and i say, in all honesty,i just dont feel like its going to matter. if the rich and elite are building shelters to survive, to the point that its raised enough brow to get posted on this forum, than maybe they know something that cannot be prevented, and they are preparing, as many here should.

i see people ranting about ecology, and certain species dying off, and blah blah, and this and that will cause this and that. well you know what, continue your research, and attempt to still spread the word, but youre better off preparing to survive for when it hits the fan, than ranting on a forum, protesting, etc..

you know what i was thinking. you know how the elite keep staying elite? its because they never die, and theyre willing to sacrifice for their cause. they are not superhumans who can flip tanks with super breath. they are persistent individuals and groups who will not let their power and legacy die, and your best bet if you want to finally bring together a more ideal world to live in, is to not be outlived by the power elite.

these post, those videos, your youtube videos, they dont affect them. the only thing that can, is for someone to form a similar group. a group of individuals hell bent on wanting change, and maintaining equality, and a healthy world to live in. that when the $%^& hits the fan, they will be in their bunkers too, waiting for the time to take the power back, and to take it back when those power elites are at their weakest. when their money, and resources are at their lowest, and all they have is who they use to be and their simple understanding of how to rally the herd and easily manipulate them to their wishings. thats when you pop out too, and say no, we know who you are, and what your place in history has given us, and then take humanity in a different route.

you cannot beat them at their game now. its to deep. their pockets are to deep, so to speak. how can one man fight many with billions of dollars, and every political, media, military, and law enforcement connection out there.

one man cannot fight that. even superman cannot fight that beast. youre talking about people how can rally a country behind them with just a little manipulation of a few sources.

that beast you cannot fight, and you cannot fight the seemingly unavoidable end times beast, that has come before, and will come again. its as if the universe must cleanse itself to allow for a new reality to be experienced, and new thoughts to blossom, and new or slightly different possibilities to flourish.

i suggest that you continue your fight all the way to the end, but in the mean time, you take alot of time to physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally try to survive what might be coming to get us all. not because it hates us, because its just that time.

look at the world around you. just look. how long do you think such a tirade can be allowed to go on?

i wont say the world is horrible. we have moved on past many ignorances, and technology has sky rocketed, but something is not right, and you dont need to be registered to this forum to know that.

you cant beat an immortal vampire by just throwing sand at him. you must become immortal yourself, and develop more immortals than him. thats how you take the power back, or else all your work, all your emotion and pain you have gone through is for nothing, because it will die off with you, and be forgotten, never to be written in history when the time comes for mankind, and nature to resurrect itself.

just a thought.

i hate for it to sound so gloomy, like you should just be selfish and not care, because it doesnt matter, but like i said, i dont think we should just give up, but become more realistic in how we are going to take down a beast with so much power. the media is not your friend, and most people think that 90% of the information off the net is bull. the other people are to preoccupied with their day to give a damn what your sign says at your protest.

im just saying, i dont know if its been posted before, but all the alex jones's in the world cannot touch whats truly making the machine tick.

in all honesty, i think your only bet is for an end world scenario, where those who survived can take the power back, and not let the cycle start all over again. however you do that, it needs to be done. whether thats building a bunker, coming up with a superhuman serum so you can physically be more capable of survival, contacting some alien friends to pick you up in the light of such an event, creating a separate dimension to go into until the tides clear, etc... you need to do it

its fun to post things and feel smarter than the next man, but your no better off than the people you call sheep, theyre just a little more misinformed than you. you still gotta work, pay taxes, have little to no political, media, military, or law enforcement connection to make a change. so what are you gonna do to circumvent that?

let me know what you think

posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 05:02 PM
I'm gonna loose points with a one liner but i just agree with you that much that i don't care.

posted on Mar, 29 2008 @ 07:24 AM
Is there any actual physical proof that global warming is caused by humans?

And i wouldn't really think that a rise in temperature over a few decades is anything to worry about, if you put it on the temperature scale for the entire life span of the earth it wouldn't even register.

People always compare radical weather events to events from the past, when humans were hardly using any fossil fuel at all so.

humans only account for about 10% of all greenhouse gasses, most of the gasses are from volcanoes etc, and natural exulsion of gass by animals, as well as decaying organisms etc.

But if it is humans causing the "radical weather changes" then i agree, there is nothing we can do to stop it quickly without some other feasible energy source.

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posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 12:17 PM

I'm gonna loose points with a one liner but i just agree with you that much that i don't care.

i can dig it

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