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I need some help getting a decent job. Anyone on this forum in maryland hiring? :)

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posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 09:30 AM
so im doing some job searching, and have been over the past few weeks after recently leaving comcast doing ip support. i was there for about a year, and i was very good at what i did. if anyone here can help me out, let me know, and i can u2u you my resume to review. looking for a tech support job, or some type of desk job, but in all honesty, im open for anything with some decent pay. im really just looking for a solid, comfortable place to work.

if you have any questions about my work history, why i left, etc... i can provide you with that too.

thanks for any help. job searching has gotten harder it seems. everyone is online, and most things are so informal. no numbers or anything, and all those supposed i.t tech consultant firms just seem to want to jazz me up, and have me drive all the way to their building to say, aaaah, we will be in contact. uuuhhh, what.

anyways, i can discuss more in the u2u

again, thanks for any help.

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