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This is Where PC Leads

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posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 10:36 AM
This was an attack that shocked and appalled many people, a gang of youths kicked and stamped a girl to death and left her boyfriend in hospital for weeks and with no memory of the attack.
Full Story and links to background

Why did these youths attack?

The report says it was because the victims looked and dressed differently, and certainly this was a contributory factor.

But I believe that PC gone too far is to blame.

These youths acted in the knowledge that police treat young people with kid gloves - if this had not gone so far, they would likely have received a slap on the wrist and been assigned social workers who would then wring their hands and try to justify their criminal mindset and intolerance by blaming it on various social factors.

They would have you believe that these murderers are the innocent victims of social injustice and that if they had been brought up differently it would not have happened, thereby implicating the whole of society in the murder.

Well, lets have a look at the facts.
An innocent couple minding their own business walking through a park when they fell into conversation with a group of youngsters and had a friendly chat.
Some reports allege that one of the accused (in a gang of five who were all drunk) was heard to say "let's do them" whereupon he launched a flying kick to the head of the boyfriend knocking him to the ground where the rest of the gang started kicking and stamping on his head.
His girlfriend was pleading with them to stop, so the turned on her, knocking her to the ground and beating her so severely that paramedics were unable to tell her sex from her facial appearance.

Yep, that sounds to me like a poor deprived child lashing out at the society which which has kept him downtrodden. (sarcasm)

A poor deprived child who was drunk in a park,
who beat someone for the pleasure of hurting them,
who helped snuff out a young life because the victims didn't conform to his idea of the norm,
who laughed as he did it.

In this story you can find everything that is wrong with our society.
Why were there teenagers drunk in a park?
Where were the police?
Who sold them the booze?
Where were the parents?

Why did they feel that they could mercilessly beat someone just for kicks?

The answeres, or at least some of them, lie in our system of PC.

They did it because they could.

Because in prison they will be endlessy interviewed by do-gooders determined to lay the blame sonewhere else.

Because they will have a cushy life in jail and all the social workers money can buy.

Because they will probably get a new identity, a house, protection and money when they get out in less than 10 years time.

Because police are now social workers who aren't allowed to enforce the law.

Because in this country the rights of the criminal seem to take precedence over the rights of the victims.

Because parents either do not or are not allowed to discipline children.

Because teachers pander to these kids - unable to tell them they are wrong under "education" guidelines.

Because the courts, prisons and social services are too soft.

Because kids no longer get taught the difference between right and wrong.

Because we live in a society where a good life is expected to be given, not earned.

But most of all?

It happened because we have allowed the government to do this to our children, and so we ARE as culpable as they are.

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 11:31 AM
I hear and feel every word that you have written.

None of the above were the reasons I left the UK...

BUT. You have nailed all the reasons why I won't go back.

AND. People have the nerve to say that China is a messed up country. At least the kids still have some respect for their elders and the law (not all of them obviously) Some are still a pain especially those pesky monks!!



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