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L.A. Times accused of using false documents to link Sean Combs to the assasination of Tupac

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posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 10:03 PM
Investigations have started internaly in L.A. Times after they previously this month posted an article (
that links rapper Sean Combs to the five shots on Tupac in New York, in 1994, two years before he was murdered.

According to the article Combs and Christopher Wallace (Notorious B. I. G), knew beforehand about the assault.

False documents

The article was written by L.A. Times-journalist Chuck Philips, who based the accusations on information apparently from FBI-documents and sources from New Yorks rap-scene.

Phillips writes that the info is about two «figures in New Yorks rap-scene», amongst who «promoter James Sabatino», who supposedly was directly involved in the case.

But in the wake of an article published on The Smoking Gun today

where it`s claimed that the FBI-documents were faked by Sabatino himself, has led L.A. Times editor Russ Stanton to open inventigations on the accusations in the article.

-It`s been questions on the genuinity of documents that we trusted in an article. We are taking this very seriously and gave started investigations, says Stanton.

A swindler
The Smoking Gun pulls out several points they mean are critical and very destructal for the credibility and genuinity of the documents that is used.

Among other things, they write, the documents doesn`t excist in FBIs own database. Further more, they mean that the text seemingly is written by a typewriter, and with the help of equipment the federal bureau of investigation
hasn`t used in decades.

The webpage also says they have talked with long time employees in FBI, that aren uncapable to recognise the many abbreviations used in the text.

Even further on The Smoking Gun claims that it is the jailed swindler James Sabationo that himself has forged the documents, to insinuate that he himself had something to do with the ambush. They write that he doesn`t have any connection to known rappers, and has «created a fantasy world».

The Times has apperantly been scamed by an incarcerated criminal and document forger, the webpage concludes.

- Ridiculous

Journalist Chuck Philips, that wrote the article printed 17.3.2007, has previously won a Pulitzer-prize for outstanding journalism - but has also written another disputed Tupac-case.


In 2002 he had an article printed where he claimed that «Notorious B.I.G.» had offered the violent and L.A based gang «The Crips» one million dollars to kill Shakur. The claims was strongly objected by people in the circle around B.I.G.

Sean Combs reacts strongly to the latest allegations Philips brings in L.A. Times, and had his lawyer demand that they didn`t print the allegations that was based on anonomous sources.

- The article is beyond ridiculous and completely false. Not B.I.G or me had any knowledge of the ambush - even before, while or after it happened. It is a lie to suggest that me or B.I.G. was involved. I am shocked that L.A. Times are so irresponable that they publish such a reasonless and false article, says combs to L.A. Times.

The three perpetrators that shot five shots against Tupac Shakur on New Yorks 7th Avenue in 1994 were never identified.

Later, Shakur expressed that it was a man named Jimmy «Henchman» Rosemond who was behind the ambush - an asumption supported in the article now under investigation by L.A. Times.

After the shooting, Shakur supposedly saw both Combs and B.I.G. as enemies, something that led to a very tight relationship between them.

Two years after the first ambush Tupac Shakur was 7.12.1996 shot and killed in Las Vegas. In 1997 B.I.G suffored the same fate.

None of the killings are so far solved.

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posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 09:03 PM

L.A Times now publicly appologises for puplishing allogations that rapper Sean Combs was involved in a shooting against deceased artist Tupac.

-The truth is we were fooled, we should have made sure the documents were authentic, says Philips.

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