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A straw poll on water you drink!

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posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 04:32 PM
Well as I will probably be starting to post reg on this sight, thought I would start with a brief post on what you are made from 70 to90 percent depending on the tissue the water I in
well the questions are as follows
1/ How many here drink tap water
2/ How many of you here drink filtered tap water and what filters do you use
3/ The water you drink do you know if it is fluoridated the country or province you are in
4/ Thoes of you who can check can you post here through web search what your country allows in the many toxins your country allows IN THE WATER thanks.
If I can at least stop people here stop taking fluoridated water an water with all the allowed toxins people at least MIGHT start thinking CLEARER.

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by lasthope

I drink well water. It is not hooked up to any city water supply. It's tested every year for safety.

I used to live in Chicago burbs and we had city water that was flouridated, so I switched to bottled water for cooking and drinking. It also smelled like a bottle of Clorox. Yuck!

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 08:11 PM
If it only was the tap water that's fluoridated we could probably resolve that issue. But they add fluoride to beverages, food, etc, it's almost as if it's a health supplement, just doing an opposite and slowly poisoning us, while keeping us docile...

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 08:50 PM
Good topic considering what I was doing today. I was on the phone with the health department talking to a guy about why the water test failed on the well at the house I am buying. According to him the water was too high in nitrates. Not too sure what that really means, I think it means the nitrates are from like fertilizers from a nearby feild right behind the house. An old lady lived here before, and i guess she was drinking this water for who knows how long, and i think she is still fine. Well I need to pay for a deeper well now. No city water runs by my house so that is out of the question. At least I am getting a passing grade on the well on an individual basis than an entire city water system which might have god knows what in it.

posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 08:55 PM
I forgot to mention, my hometown was the first city in the country to flouidate its city water. Now there is a big joke about how bad our teeth would be if we didn't flouidate the water because some people in this town got some funky teeth. I dont think it even is worth to flouridate the water. Now what are some of the cons of flouidating the water? Lots of people dying from cancer than ever before in this town. Could be related.

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