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Making Inflation / Pending Meltdown

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posted on Mar, 26 2008 @ 12:07 AM
Why does the govt keep pumping more money into the system? Do they want inflation?

Money Supply and Inflation

Fed injects more money

But yet, they have removed Food and Energy from the indices, to mask the inflation in the statistics from the general public who do not have economics degrees?

Rigging Inflation Statistics

So what do we have? More money in the system, = each unit of money worth less = more expensive to buy everything including oil and food (especially oil from other countries, and food from higher demand on corn syrup from ethanol) => minimal impact on inflation statistics because food and energy dont count.

Couple that with rate cuts which make the $ even less attractive and I begin to wonder: Why in the world is China even continuing to finance this mess?

How far off are we from the point where they need to inject money solely to pay the debt interest?

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