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My Questions on theory's

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 02:50 PM
Here are some of my petty theories, i thought i would voice them. They may sound very rediculous, but they are on my mind, and this seems like a place to post them.

My Conpiracy Theory Questions...


-Could the goverment be kidnapping american citizens and brainwashing them to join their staff?
-Could drugs, television and our health be the big plot behind brainwashing?
-If 9/11 was indeed false info, where did the plane passengers go? Where they hand selected?
-In order to get to the younger generations, are there brainwashing teqniques in cartoons and younger shows?


- If under different conditions, could humans live longer?
-Humans need water to live. Is there more in our water than we think? Could this determine how we live?
-Does using microwaves keep humans from living up to a certain age? Everyone uses microwaves.

- At night, when the world falls asleep, does a lot happen undercover that we dont know about?
- Are the stars above really balls of gas?
- Is Osama really hidding? Or is he part of a big plan?
- How powerfull really is our goverment?


-If technology is taken away, the people we fear arent that much different from us
- Why dont we fight back? Why doesnt anyone want to fight back?

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by lostineuphoria

You sure have a lot of questions...

If I was in your position I would most likely run a search using the google feature on this site... See what I could find, then gather all the data to come up with a conclusion, then present questions about information I don't understand or would like to know more about... And you are asking questions not presenting any theories really...

Do some research and read some posts and hopefully you can find what you're looking for here, if not the web is a pretty good resource...

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