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Alien Tech: Light Body Energy Field manipulation

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posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 02:16 AM
I know some basics and what I have been told by some friends; but
perhaps others on here know how this technology exactly works
or have schematics to build this.

Here is some information that might help others understand.

1st: All living organic beings have 3 bodies:

1>spirit body (Light energy field that overlaps your whole physical body)
-this is responsible for allow you to goto higher physical densities.

2>physical body

3> soul body (There is where your mind is; etc.. immortal part)

The spirit (light body):

i> Usually the Good way is to get activated by the Spirit of God;
where you ascend to an higher physical density. But during the fall of
mankind; we won't be able to ascend until the great awakening sometime;
2012 - 2030; so I hear.

ii> Doing without God, use an High Tech way by using what they call
a bioresonance field.

Ok, we are all at 3rd physical density; to get to 4th physical density
we must TRANSMIT at 520 Mhz (carrier frequency) and some square like wave signal; at around 1-2 watts.

I recall they told me to goto 5th physical density you need to
transmit at around 1.7 GHz.

What they use is a implant at the back of the head or in the belly button;
where this transmitter is.

I think the Spirit Field (Light body) has to in a sense; animate (rotate) at a higher rate; this in turn puts a the physical body into a higher physical density.
Drunvalo Melchizedek explains abit about this; check out his flower of life book.

Physical Density or World Levels:

0 World = 3rd physical density
1 World = 4th physical density...and so on.

0 World to 14 World.
3rd physical density to 17th physical density.

The higher the physical density; the higher the frequency should be.

At 5th physical density you could walk right thru walls (3rd physical density).

Anyone with more information on this or know how to make these implants please let me know.

I know the US Shadow Government has aquired this technology; and their JETS fly at 5th physical density. These also have the element 115 antigrav plates; I know cause I seen their JETS Hover stationary; and see the same electric blue ionization at the bow; the same color I notice with the Zeta Reticulian 1 spacecrafts.

Thanks if you can get more information...


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