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Easter - lombozo Style And Stuff

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posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 08:50 AM
So I got back from a business week in Chicago around 2 am on Friday morning. The Friday before Easter is called Good Friday. This one is especially good. I had a very successful showing at the show. I made ALOT of contacts with very high profile prospects, and got a new nickname from my coworkers. They said I was a sales animal, so my new nickname is 'Animal'.
Now I get to go home and see my son! That is what I'm talking about! I had a very uneventful flight from Chicago to Philadelphia - now that's good stuff! I landed, got my bags and waited for a shuttle service to get home. As luck would have it, there was a limo waiting there as his fare was cancelled. What the heck, I hired that limo 'cause darn it I want to get home!
I get home around 3am and my son is asleep on the couch. I can't help myself, I bend down and give him a kiss. Satan - I mean my wife - is on another couch asleep, and she wakes up and says "Carry him up to bed."
A hello would have been nice, but oh well............
So my son wakes me up around 6am and says "Daddy! You're home! Did you buy me any presents?"

"You bet I did Dude!"

I pull out my lanyard. The one I had to wear to present at the show. He put it on. A couple of little baubles, then his new baseball cap. He wanted to be a policeman, but now it's firefighters. I got him a blue baseball cap which has a Chicago Fire Department Insignia sewn on the front.

"Daddy, I never want to take this off!"

Cool stuff.

So the next day is catch up day. Just putzed around doing alot of things that amount to a whole lot of nothing. It was cool. My son never took off the hat, nor the lanyard.
It's a no-no to eat meat on Good Friday in my chosen religion. My wife didn't feel like cooking, so I took us all out to the local Diner for supper. It was fun. My son always makes me laugh. He always looks very seriously at the waitress and orders 'Bear Meat and Chicken Lips'. My wife hates when he does that, but I LOVE it. Then of course I chime in "Throw in an extra order of snake knees." It's a guy thing.

Saturday, we go to the super store and pick up everything for Easter Supper. Sunday I get up and start the meal. Nothing major. Ham, green beans, potatoes, mac and cheese, my famous handmade rolls, stuffed mushrooms, shrimp, water chestnuts wrapped in bacon - the standard Easter Supper things. I like to get the prep out of the way early, that way actually making the meal is a breeze.

I went out and bought an Easter Bunny costume. Around 6:30am I hear him walking around upstairs, so I quick put on the costume. The thing I swear is 20 lbs, and hot as hades. He comes downstairs, and I hide in the dining room. When he goes through the foyer and into the family room, he looks and doesn't see me. He goes into the kitchen, then into the living room. He starts for the dining room and I pop out and hop around. His initial shock turned into laughter as I chased him around. The pictures of me in this costume are blackmail material.

After a little while of this, including me wrestling with him in this costume, we finished and I started making the meal. The dough has risen twice, and everything is going well.

Everyone comes over, and before you know it the wine and beer are open and we're all munching on the appetizers. The kids are playing. The sisters three are already not speaking. My brother in law (The one who is NOT a loser) and I walk out back to the pool cabana, and he starts telling me how we can make a tiki bar out there. There's already electric, plumbing and gas, so the job would be easy. Hmmmm...... a tiki bar by the pool, eh? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm............... Not quite what I was planning on talking about on Easter, but I'm digging the idea and stuff. YEAH!

Now it's time for supper, and we all sit down. Dinner is going well for the most part. Just about 3/4 of the way through Supper, my wifes grandmom who is like a million years old and speaks so loud that Ted Nugent cringes, decided to tell a joke. You need to understand something here. She forgets what she's talking about like every 10 seconds. 5 minutes have gone by and she's has been all over the place with the conversation. Nobody has any clue what she's talking about, or where she's going with this..........
Finally I guess she thought she was done with this 'joke' and she started to laugh. Huh? What? What just happened?
Suddenly a great big loogie comes shooting out of her mouth and lands in the middle of the table.
10 people sitting at the table in a very uncomfortable silence. All looking at this loogie. The only sound to be heard was Grandmom's cackling.

Needless to say we waited on dessert.........................

[edit on 24-3-2008 by lombozo]

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 09:03 AM
Don't really do Easter out here Dude.

But we always get fish balls with our chicken lips!!


posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 10:42 AM
Good work Lom, you're not ugly (inside joke guys)

i was literally lmao when the loogie came out lol *replaces but*

sounds like a good easter. i trust lil' lom was swimming in eggs?


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