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TSCI Waiver possible?

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posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 04:35 AM

my husband was (is) scheduled to start MI school this year.

He was told he needed a TS clearance but just now found out that he needs a TSCI clearance. He will only get that clearance if he is married to a US citizen (or US born, not sure which one) Spouse

However, Im not from the US, Im from Europe. We got married last October and I am currently working on getting my immigrant waiver.

He believes as he has his orders already, that he will still be going to school and as the BI takes a while might stay in school for a few months or the whole time, till the Investigation is cleared. I personally find that a waste of time for both parties but hey, its the military.

Anyways, my question now is, can he get a waiver for having a Non-US wife? There are waivers for a lot of things in the Army but...?

I have no problem with having a BI done on me, Ive never been to jail, have a clean and recent police record both on my countries side and from the MPs. Am not in debt, dont do drugs but what other requirements are there.

We had also planned to buy a house in the State he would be going to school for but now we are not sure if we should as we do not know for how long we would be staying.

If he doesnt get to go to school or they pull him out while he is in it, how high are the chances that he will stay at that post in that state?
He also want to go warrant and said he will prepare his paket so that when they DO say that he is getting kicked out that he will drop it in then and there but..again, how long will be staying in that state?

Kinda useless to buy a house just to move out of it 6 months later, not to mention that the market is horrible and we would not be able so sell it.

Any help is very appreciated

Thank you

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 02:49 PM
As long as you are not from a country that we are currently having trouble with, or as long as you do not associate with terrorists or anything like that I would not worry about it. It takes up to 2 years these days to process an initial TS clearance, so he would be granted an interim clearance until everything is processed.

Honestly I have never heard of having to be married to a US Citizen in order to get your TS clearance. They will check you out, and ask a lot of questions, but at the end of the day it is more about whether they find your husband trustworthy than where your are from. Considering that you are from Europe it should not be a problem....unless there is something you are not telling us.

Just a word of not buy a house in the place he is going to school. Wait until you actually get to your first base to do that. Also, if it comes down to it, and he is not able to get his clearance for some reason, it is more likely that they would reclass him into another job than kick him out of the military, so I wouldnt worry about that too much. Manpower is at a premium these days, especially in the Army.

Just out of curiosity, what job is your husband supposed to be going into?

Also, I currently hold a TS-SCI clearance, and am active duty in the Air Force, so I know a little bit about what im talking about. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions. Ill try to answer to the best of my ability. :-)

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posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 01:13 PM
It takes up to 2 years but usually only takes a year. I have a friend who has the clearance you are talking about and is married to a Russian (non-US native).

posted on Mar, 31 2008 @ 08:45 AM
The people that are processing your Husband's clearance are basically concerned with whether or not YOU are a spy. It's usually very difficult for a military member to get a clearance with a spouse from a foreign country. Their main concern is "pillow talk." That's essentially when, as you lay in bed at night and discuss what happened at work.

They're concerned with whether or not, should your husband tell you anything sensitive, would you give that information to anyone.

Also, wait until you have reached your first duty station before investing in a home. His school, while up to 6 months in duration, will keep you there exactly that long, and is an unwise investment. It usually takes three to five years for you to make any profit on a house. 3% to the lister, 3% to the person that sells it... that makes for a profit loss by anyone's math.

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