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Do angels really exist?

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posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 11:15 PM
Angel Spotting…

Have you ever seen an angel before? I’m not talking about the traditional angel with wings and a halo… I am talking about the angel in each and every one of us… Sometimes they are hard to see, their beauty is covered by a façade of corruption and deceit… You have to look way deep into somebody’s eyes, so deep in fact that you see a soft glow that is their soul… Not everybody is an angel; some people’s façade is so thick that it actually snuffs out the spark that is their inner angel… Then they become demons, and you know if you see a demon because of the faint smell of internal death and the fact that you actually have an almost shivering reaction to their cold inner core… Today I met an angel, she was as beautiful as the sun setting behind an African safari and her warmth consumed me to the point that on the coldest day of the year and almost an hour after our contact, I still don’t feel the bitter sharp tingles it normally would bombard me with! It truly feels warmer to me today than a hot summer day on a Mexican beach!!! Every angel has a purpose and at this point I am not exactly sure what the purpose of this angel is, I don’t know what affect she will have on my future or in my life, but I know today that this angel will some how be a part of my life until they day I die! Who knows, maybe even after?

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