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Stampede as ATM pays out DOUBLE!

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posted on Mar, 23 2008 @ 06:10 PM

Once the word was out, there was no stopping them. Within minutes of one lucky customer finding out that the cash machine at his local supermarket was giving out double the requested withdrawal the news spread like wildfire

One witness commenting on the line, which grew to 100 strong at one point, said: "It was really funny seeing all these people trying to get one over on the banks. They were walking away with huge wads of cash and big smiles on their faces."

The machine began dispensing the bonus cash Tuesday around 5pm and ended at 8pm. A spokesman at the store said other area ATMs may have also had similar problems. It's up to the bank of each customer whether or not overpayment collection is pursued.

If this was China they would've all been given the life sentence.

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