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The US government is playing a game of deception with us.

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posted on Mar, 20 2008 @ 07:25 PM
I believe that the United States as it is today has tried to abolish the ideals on which it is founded. Peace, justice, and our civil liberties has all been sacrificed in the name of defeating enemies to protect our own interests. Obviously, our rights are not in our own interests because the government doesn't want to protect our rights, it wants to safeguard its empire while keeping the proles at bay.

Clearly, this deception by the government to the masses has to stop. There is no reason for the government to continually deceive us, but, it uses the nation for its own global game for world domination. This deception must cease to be. If it does not cease, then, the republic will dissolve and the rights we have will fade with it.

The US government's game of deception extends not only to the continent of North America or to the US itself or to any other area within the Western hemisphere but the game is played out in such a way so that all other people including the people of the US and the governments across the world are fooled by it! The US government is then able to dominate world affairs and not only create situations but to force other nations into wars of which it itself is the cause of. Clearly, this is a global game, and it must stop. However, any acts of uprising against the US government have been stopped and the people who have tried to rise against the US government have been discredited. We are a step away from having a true and honest Republic. We must first try to get our rights back and to do that we need to fight government corruption and that is something we need to do at Washington DC and we must not be afraid to stop the government from playing its global game ourselves.

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