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Conspiracy Test, Near Death Experience - Video - Shown on Discovery Channel

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posted on Mar, 18 2008 @ 06:06 AM
Its called conspiracy test, as they create a experiment where they can stimulate the same experiences felt in an NDE through medical science.

In fact after using someone neutral, they take someone who has had an NDE, and put them through the same test, something to do with adjusting the magnetic field around a certain part of the brain, affecting brain wave activity and they are able to create hallucinations, simulating an NDE.
But its argued on both sides with accounts from people who have had NDE's.

NDE's fascinate me, but im kind of undecided as to whether its part of the brain dying, chemicals etc, or the real deal.
I find it always interesting hearing peoples accounts, it would seem what ever your disposition is regarding religion or whether your agnostic, it does
play a big part in most peoples NDE experience, whats important to you in this life seems to be reflected in NDE's.

I will listen to both sides of the argument, but listening to one anesthesiologists theory on the fact NDE's is a reaction in the brain, and not us separating from our physical body, he claims the the tunnel people often see, is actually the loss of oxygen around the retina as functions shut down, i find that differcult to accept.

Regarding the inner peace experienced by some people, he claims that again, loss of oxygen is the cause, could it really be just down to that, and nothing spiritual?



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