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Canadian Gods, internet relationships, real life...

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posted on Feb, 21 2004 @ 04:15 PM
First, here is something funny from godly canadian humor site:

Funny, funny

Now, notice right at the begining of the article that "tm" on Real Life.... I laughed about 15 mins to that.
Imagine this world in 10 years, comps are free, internet access is free, software is all Open Source, cellphones implanted in our heads, we dont go out anymore. Somebody has bought the rights for Real Life and you have to actually pay monthly fee to be allowed to go out of your room. How funny would that be??
Think about it, unlimited access for only 19,99$ a month!!! or something like that lol
And then you have annoying pop-ups, people on the streets holding signs and adds in ya face lol
Or spam: people just jump infront of you, scare the # out of you and yell "enlarge your penis!!be a king in the bedroom!" or something.

That would be one funny world...

Do you have any ideas or suggestions how it would look like???

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