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posted on Mar, 16 2008 @ 11:11 AM
Al Qaeda has moved to a new level inspired by previous Islamic terrorist plots. 14 years before 911 the following story didn't even make the national press:
Four members of Chicago's El Rukn street gang, including imprisoned Jeff Fort, were indicted yesterday on charges that they conspired with Libyan officials to carry out terrorist bombings and attacks in the United States for pay. Beginning last March, the 46-count federal indictment charges, the group contacted representatives of the Libyan government about receiving money to carry out violent acts in this country. CHICAGO SUN TIMES
October 31, 1986

The idea was to take trucks full of gasoline to downtown Chicago, line them up and set them off. To shoot down planes with weapons they were to buy on the black-market. The payoff for the gang would be 2 1/2 million dollars. The gang happily agreed to. The Democratic Party had poured millions into the street gang ( as they had dozens of others of groups to "take care of anti-war protesters and Black Panthers", the part of the history of the Democratic Party if you are under 34 you have never been told), in 1987 Jeff Fort became the first American convicted of aiding Islamic terrorists. Control was maintained on the Southside not by the police, but by Jeff Fort's street gang. Gun sales had been banned in the city, leaving a defenseless population at the hands of armed gangs. The Democrats felt that would be easier to control the Black population.

When I first moved to Chicago, there had been a series of rapes in the Hyde Park area with University of Chicago students. The rapists knew the police would not go to the Southside at night, so they were dumping the naked raped students on the Southside after dark. Imagine my surprise to open a University of Chicago newspaper to see a full page open letter to the police begging them to rescue the students at night, and stop the practice of waiting until daylight to rescue the naked students. The school finally gave up, and created its own mini- police security group.

Watch this video about the plot to blow up Chicago: Other parts of the video show how the group morphed into a Islamic group in prison. They can be viewed on the links to the right of the screen.

There have been over 200 attacks worldwide orchestrated by Al Qaeda the last few years. Sadly because we are a self centric nation, only a handful have been reported here. This has had the effect of lulling us to sleep and caused conspiracy theorists to conjecture there is no Al Qaeda. Not only is there an Al Qaeda, but in nation after nation it is winning converts. It is happening in our prisons, with gangs, and as we learned in Spain, people you wouldn't think of as suicide killers.

In Spain one well known ecstasy dealer blew himself up which shocked the police and Spain's Intel. He had been known as a high living, surrounded by beautiful women and living large. Even when his name emerged as a terrorist, Spain's Intel couldn't believe it. He had been converted to Al Qaeda in prison, where just like all western prisons Al Qaeda has been recruiting members taking advantage of the West's freedom of religion rules.

Although we have failed to infiltrate Al Qaeda, they were able to infiltrate Gitmo. It was discovered after over a year that the men allowed to come into the facility and lead prayers were Al Qaeda agents.

When Al Qaeda began it used money to control the various terror groups it influenced. The new face of Al Qaeda is home grown. I have been asked many times why I say Al Qaeda today is idealist based and the next round of attacks on our nation will probably be home grown.

Hopefully, you are starting to get the picture.


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