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Founding Principles

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posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 10:26 PM
Conservatism is the core foundation of the United States.

Conservatism believes in a “hand up” and not a “hand out”.

More importantly Conservatism believes in the capacity for “man’ to rise above whatever station he finds himself in, and succeed. That all of us have the potential to achieve any and all goals we set our minds to. That it is in fact our minds that limit our success and not some ethereal, unexplainable social situation.

Conservatism is the belief that if given the opportunity, man will provide the help and support needed for others in his community that truly need it, without the intervention of a federal Government in the form of over taxation.

The Conservative concept of a small limited Federal Government seems to have disappeared from America and other freedom loving countries. Still this remains one of the core foundational principles of true Conservatism.

Terminology like “excessive wealth”, “obscene profits” and “corporate welfare” are undermining the basic foundations of this country and if allowed to continue unchecked will cause the very collapse we hear predicted from the left. In that way, they are causing their own predicted disaster.

“Excessive wealth” and “obscene profits” assume there is some person in this world that has the ultimate right to determine how much money “YOU” are allowed to make; how successful any one company can become. Sound familiar? It should; this is a founding principle for Socialism.

So called Corporate Welfare, (and every other politically correct, constantly misused power word) is nothing more than a system of tax cuts designed to promote and facilitate corporate growth in America.

Corporations in the United States pay the VAST lion’s share of the tax burden. At least that which is not carried by those making the aforementioned “excessive wealth.” They can only continue to do this, if they experience constant growth and do not stagnate under a tax burden imposed to provide for government excess, welfare fraud and just plain lazy people.

While the Left is constantly complaining about the lack of “good jobs” here in America, they are also unceasingly complaining about the Government giving breaks to corporations in order for those same corporations to remain in business and continue to provide those jobs. HUH? That is why so much of America is waking up to understand the very real and very destructive basic fallacy of any liberal agenda.

While the cries are loud and persistent about how much money “Exxon” is making, you can bet if they were the CEO you would not hear anything such thing. Why? The inherent hypocrisy of a liberal mind set. It is only obscene if they don’t make it. How much of the Clinton money has gone to charity while she complained about Exxon? How much of John Kerry’s wife’s fortune did he give away while complaining about Exxon? I can tell you; 0 (zero) zip.

Remember that all the while the great and illustrious Al Gore was making this documentary about global warming, (another liberal ploy to destroy corporate America) he was maintaining his several mansions and operating his limousines with impunity. Ask yourself this; when one of us feels strongly enough about an issue, what is the first thing we do? I’ll give you a hint. We change OUR lives, and then we go about trying to change others. The key is that WE CHANGE FIRST. All of the so called liberal environmental activists in politics have changed nothing about what they do or how they live and yet demand that we all do. The “we” being Corporate America. Sure Al Gore buys carbon credits; the same carbon credits that the liberals are screaming about being nothing more than a corporate ploy. Again, hypocrisy.

So when you go to the voting booths just remember a vote for liberalism is a vote to tax the very same corporations out of existence that provide the jobs that allow middle class America to pay more taxes that will be needed once the Corporations are out of business.


posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 12:33 AM
I cant speak for anyone else but one I speak of Corporate Welfare it refers to agricultural subsides and the such like. I don't oppose giving tax breaks to those who invest or help to create jobs but I do oppose any loop holes that allow anybody or any firm from dodging taxes.

I certainly oppose any changes in regulation that merely exploit popularism and damage New Zealand reputation as a good place to investment. Oh well its not like I had planned to vote for Labour anyway.

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