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Just a reminder....General Conspiracy Discussion :)

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posted on Mar, 15 2008 @ 08:55 AM
Just to clarify, this is what GCD is for.

This forum is dedicated to general conspiracy theories, cover-ups, and government scandals that may not fit into other topical forums on ATS. Discussion topics and follow-up responses in this forum will likely tend to lean in favor of conspiracies, scandals, and cover-ups. Members who would seek to refute such theories should be mindful of's tradition of focusing on conspiracy theory, cover-ups, and scandals.

Its not about problems with ATS, or questions about ATS.

If you have a genuine question about the board, please post it in the Board Business and Questions Forum

If you have a complaint about the board, use the complain/suggestion link from your member centre.

If you just want to sound off about something in particular, please use the BTS Rant Forum

That way, your stuff gets to the right forum and, more importantly you save yourself the stress of getting mad when your thread gets moved if its in the wrong place


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