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terrorists, Corporate America, and apathy

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posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 04:13 PM
This question just popped into my mind. Maybe it's a naive thing to ask, but something never sat right with me that, when there's terrorism, it's always some Islamic fundamentalist group, unless you're talking about the dicey parts of Europe. There's some European stuff goin' down sometimes.... but nevermind Europe. Islam is the dominant religion in the Middle East, obviously, but it isn't the only religion in the Mid East. There are Jewish people, Christian people, athiests, pagans, and probably every religion that you could think of. Why is Islam the religion that's getting violent over there (and over here)? They aren't being opressed as much as the (excluding Israelis) Jews, Christians, pagans, etc. Why only Islamic terrorists? You'd think that, if terrorism were related directly to socio-economic upheaval, the ones getting pinched the worst would retaliate.

What about Africa? We've royally screwed them about 100 times worse than we've screwed the Middle East... and we've been doing it since the middle ages! Of all the lawless dictatorships we've created that have just totally ravaged fledgling nations and killed millions and millions of Africans, not one of them has the same motivation as the Islamic terrorists?

I'm sure there are other small groups in the Mid East that have formed outside of Islam, but why did only Islamic fundamentalists wage war against the West? Why not Arab people in general? Not all Arabs are Islamic. We've screwed the WHOLE Middle East up. Wouldn't it be safe to assume that EVERYone's God would be commanding them to kill innocents in the name of a holy war? I'm not Islamic, and I'm mighty pissedn off about what the government is doing to this world in my name. Why am I not killing innocents in the name of God?

You wanna know what I think? Islamic terrorists are a big fat red herring.
I personally think that the CIA/MI5-6 created Islamic Fundamentalism to suit their agenda for the coming new millenium that was only decades away.

I don't believe Islamic people to be any more or less violent or fanatical than any other religion, and I think it's blatantly obvious to a lot of people that it's not just "Islamists and Arabs" that are really really pissed off at us, it's EVERYONE! So... statistically, shouldn't more terrorist groups from other ideologies and ethnicities be waging a war against us?

I certainly know better, but I want to know why anyone who believes without question that we are at war with Islamic terrorists fightng a holy jihad never stops to think "Gee, why is this group of people more pissed of than any other group of people we've fubared over in the past? Why did they act against us, and nobody else did? Why have all of "America's" agendas been magically and coincidentially granted with flying colors by these Islamic terrorists? Why have we let Bin Laden get away?"

The answer is because it's all an orchestrated farce. Sure, there are people who have been blinded by their faith and their anger towards their loved ones being killed in such numbers who act out in violence... but it seems to me one or two or three suicide bombers a day running around, blowing themselves up, adds up quite a bit by the end of the year. You really have to ask yourself "Would that many people be willing to die and kill dozens of their fellow countrymen because they are pissed off at the USA???"

Think about this... we haven't been hit by terrorism since 9/11, yet with all of our forces and all those forces from other countries that are out there, WHY are things not more secure over there? and WHY do most of these car bombs and suicide bombs and katusha (?) rockets kill NOT coalition soldiers, but instead kill innocent men, women, and children?

We are open fodder right now, wwith all of our troops over there in the middleast for 6 years. That's six years we've gone, during this SUPPOSED Jihad against America, without one single terrorist attack. If the government is only human, it makes mistakes. Someone should've figured out a way to hurt lots of people within our country by now.

Maybe it's because we've beefed up security at airports and such, but all I see at airports is regular Americans getting hassled. Don't they have sleeper cells in the United States? I guess they didn't hear their clock radio go off. I guess they're still sleeping.

I'm not6 really one to discuss this type of stuff, but I always get pulled back into it, because the believers in the official "way things are" just completely baffle me. Do you even HAVE eyes and ears or brains? I mean, seriously... I wanna shake you and say "Wake up, you sleepy sombitch, you're about to walk off a cliff!!!" but I can't do that. I gotta respect people's opinions, even if they are completely wrong and completely the reason why we are all royally #ed. Thanks. I'm sure my children and my grandchildren will be thanking you, too, for your complete and utter complaicency with corporate evil smahshing the world to bits.

As long as you still have your SUV and your comfortable little cubby hole to go back to, the terrorists could be innocent rebellious teenagers, and they could be dragged out behind the Pentagon and shot by the hundreds and thousands, and you'd still be sitting there JUSTIFYING the horrors of this upside down world.

9/11 madness? How about general population madness?

You punish the people who are completely enfuriated over the stupidity and ignorance of people that is causing this whole damn world to collapse, and you have the nerve to censor them?

I'm not gunna go calling people names here, because people do't respond well to that, but sometimes I wonder why that matters? I completely understand why people get so angry. You have plenty of people on this board that just sit there and use their intellect to indirectly browbeat people who see the world for what it is, and it causes them doubt. This is why nobody is doing anything.

Look, something's wrong, people who try and rationalize everything into a nice neat package for the schoolchildren to be forcefed. Something is wrong. Something is very very wrong wioth our world, with this country, with the events which we think we're being told the truth aboyut. How do I know I'm not just being paranoid?

Because for one simple reason. Do you see things getting any BETTER??? No, absolutely not. It just keeps going further and further downward, faster and faster. 75 percent of the people I have known or met are good people who don't want a future of suffering and hardship. That sounds like the majority to me. Why aren't we getting what we want in this (in the skeptics and rationalizers and flag wavers words) great free country of ours, where we got things like we the people and habeus corpus and the bill of rights and a constitution and a shiny flag with FIFTY cool stars on it?

Because we're being lied to all the time. If we can't get the truth out of our own country, how can we pretend to have any good idea of what's going on in some far away land, where we can't watch the horror firsthand, so we can't make any sort of judgement call as to what reason we are really there for. It's just another layer of the giant lie, and it's hidden even further away from us across the sea and blocked by Europe...

So tell me, why are some of you so confident in your stances FOR America and its policies. I'm not talking about the people or the troops or any other scapegoat you can use to make people feel guilty. I'm talking about the giant, faceless entity called Corporate America. It is Corporate America that decides whether we go to war (now). It is Corporate America who decides whether the economy is good or whether the economy is bad. It is Corporate America who feeds and clothes you and your family, while at the same time, poisoning you and your family with just about every product they force you to consume. Do you believe Corporate America over thousands of outraged citizens?

posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 07:10 PM
It seems as though two of my paragraphs in the last post repeat themselves a tiny bit. I was gunna edit that, but I forgot.

I guess where I'm going with this is....

It is of my opinion that Corporations run all the world's economies now... and if that's true, then it would benefit them financially to work together, because corporations can't run smoothly if they are at war with each other. Each one needs the other to make it's business and net worth grow, and continue growing.

In that case, if they all work together for their own greater benefit, what is war? It's an economy stimulator, and it helps the Military Industrial Corporations, which in turn helps all other technology driven corporations, which in turn helps food production and service industries, which in turn causes greater productivity from workers, which in turn creates more cash flow. When it's time for one empire to fall, another one takes it's place. Empires are just like the main cogwheels in a giant machine, and every once i a while, the cog wheel stops working efficiently, so they must replace it. They do this maintenence in the form of War and economic collapse.

I believe the machine is due for meintanance soon.

How does this relate to terrorism? Well obviously it's a fear mechanism, kind of like a lubricant in between the tiny moving parts, keeping them efficient at their role by scaring them into submission to their indoctrinated lot in life. They must love what they do within the machine, because anything outside of the machine is going to hurt them.

Maybe the machine has a purpose for a greater good that we, as controlled and fearful beings who've only recently acquired our intelligence in the past 100,000 years, cannot possibly understand...

But we're inside of it. Our next step here is to try and find a way out, because this is the way our instincts are pushing us.

I get frustrated and sometimes angry at the people who can't see this, but I can tolerate and have compassion for even the most close minded individual, because their time will come, just like it did for me and many many people here on this forum. It's just a matter of...time, I guess we'll say.

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