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Did we forget about Miami?? Already!

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posted on Mar, 14 2008 @ 03:53 PM
I was in the area of Miami around the time of the BLACK OUT! A friend happened to phone me about the news thinking that it was affecting me personally. I had no idea what had gone on and to turn on the news I was sure to see the area in its full glory. Anyways to get to the subject, they never said what caused it.

Fact. A storm was in the area which I did personally witness.

Well the next day I happen to meet a friend of a friend. This person had no idea about me nor did they know my appetite for theories about the MAN. They just so happen to work for the company who was running the (((THE POWER COMPANY))).
My ears sprang up and I thought to myself, Did I hear them right?!? I had to ask, "what was the explanation for the power outage?"

The reply "Oh, it was somebody working in the plant that happened to back up into a button and shut everything down. That's what they told us. It affected 7 other plants in the area as well."


We joked about it being some sort of HOMER SIMPSON move. Yet I couldnt help wonder why.

My initial assumption was - We were being tested to see how we would react. We (being the people in the area. A science experiment by the MAN or somebody close to him.

Peace and Thanks for Reading.

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