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Recurring dream and subsequent interesting astrology reading

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posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 12:39 PM
From as far back as I can remember I had this terrifying recurring nightmare. It happened moreso when I was a child, but I still occasionally have it as an adult.

I am in my mom's house (the house I grew up in). I smell smoke and go into the hallway to investigate. I can see like lines of fire burning in the walls and ceiling moving really fast. Somehow in the dream I know that it's the wiring in the house burning. The lines of fire almost look like the "wick" or whatever it's called on dynamite or a firecracker...burning and moving along really fast. I am terrified but totally frozen to the spot even though I know there is an electrical fire happening I can't move.

I usually wake up after that. The dream is pretty short and doesn't actually feature me getting burned, or running away, but when I wake up I am more terrified than any of the worst "monster" type dreams I've ever had.

This dream was the most prevalent..probably twice a week from as young as I can remember until about 13 years old. Since then it's a rare occurence but when it does happen, it's still exactly the same. I'm a young child in my mom's house (which I haven't lived in for almost 20 years).

I never really told anyone about the dreams...maybe my parents when I was a kid, but none of my friends as I grew older just pushing it to the back of my head.

The freaky part my late teens..about 19, as a joke my friends and I met a lady that did astrology charts, palm reading...stuff like that. After the initial blah blah blah stuff she said to me "ooohh you should be very careful around fire and electricity..." That floored me! I know it could've been a random coincidence, but wow!

About 3.5 years ago we bought our first house. Unbeknownst to had a mouse infestation. After wondering why our bread was half eaten every morning we realized the issue and set about getting rid of the mice. We figured out that they were probably coming in through a hole in the foundation that the wires from our central air ran in through. One suggestion on the internet was to stuff steel wool into the hole until you could cement it closed. So...there I went with a big bunch of steel wool...went to stick it into the hole...suddenly got shocked and watched a puff of smoke rise and the wool catch fire! Because I'm such a wuss and terrified of fire I called the fire dept worried the fire was inside the walls. The found that the mice had chewed the insulation off the wires to make their "passageway" bigger and as soon as the steel wool came in contact it caught fire. (after laughing at me of course...oh and shutting down the hydro to the entire house until an electrician could come and rerun new wires!).

Happy ending...and I'm hoping that was what my dream and the palmreader lady were warning me about! Oh man, if anything much worse were to happen to me I'd probably have to go on meds, or in a home

Now, I'm willing to put aside the palmreader as a coincidence and that being one of her standard warnings...but does anyone know if dreams about fire and/or electricity have a totally different meaning than to be warning of an ACTUAL fire? Maybe if I find out it means something totally different I can calm down and relax a bit. ( I can't even bring myself to start the campfire at our trailer)


posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 04:25 PM
reply to post by Michelle129

Hi Michelle,

I wonder if you could be blocking a memory from your childhood which is causing the nightmare. Maybe something happened to you but you cant remember it. It might be locked in your memory and only comes back to the surface via the dream. This event may not be related to fire either. Maybe ask your family if any happened to you or them when you were younger.

For actual dream reference to the word fire you need to speak to im a marty, he is around and hope he sees this thread.

Hope this helps,

Take care,


posted on Mar, 17 2008 @ 05:54 AM
Although I'm not saying astrology is fake, what this lady said is also a part of cold reading. (you have to be carefull with electricity, fire or whatever). You connect the dots to your dream and you feel she is right. However her being right can be a pure coincedense (or however I should write that).

For the dream explaining, could you ask your parent wether you have had an electric shock or experienced a fire when you were very little. Or maybe have heard about it on school from a classmate or something.


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