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posted on Mar, 13 2008 @ 12:55 AM
A long time ago, or maybe not so long seemed you could view in the profile all of the comments posted by a user by date as well as threads.

Well you can view threads, its seems to some extent, but one thing I did like was to be able to see the list of all the comments I had made, as well as browse others recent comments.

Seems this is somewhat limited to threads, and that isnt even as clear as before.

If I remember correctly you could view this by clicking on the persons name.

now it goes to the same place that clicking profile does.

No biggy, but that along with the tagged threads in myATS is a bit awkward.
Used to I could scroll and see all my tagged threads, now is it hasnt been replied to in 30 days cant see it. One may wonder whats the point if no one has viewed it and wrote something new in 30 days...well sometimes its a good topic and you havent gone through all the comments or want to re-read something to reference.





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