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Taken Credit (make you go hmm)

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posted on Mar, 12 2008 @ 05:43 PM
How do you take credit for something against the law? Like for the past 9-11 event, what array of terms can be used and must be inorder to be brought to justice and surely sentenced? In the run down what would all happen?...Like would you be held as a suspect based off just your confession by some standard of the law or not? And then would that stand at first while it may or may not actually stand last in a case about you?

Would you be found guilty just by confession alone without any evidence when you take credit for a crime committed? Or would you be questioned for specific details first and then released if there no evidence to support your confession? What about a confession with details that only the criminal could have known, but there is still no physical evidence, would you at least be found guilty in a court of law like that?

On another note if you're paying close attention: If Osama actually took credit for the crime concerning what happened on 9-11, but didnt give any details, and there isnt any physical evidence or witness, then he should be in the clear to be only brought to justice to be set free to go from the grasp of the very law upheld by the U.S. government.

^^True or false?

And on alternative note: If there is anybody who knew what was going to happen on 9-11 and somehow knew what exactly happened on 9-11 as though they were right there, who wont confess their ways of gaining their intelligence, but had known the full details, then they should be brought to justice, right? And found what? Guilty or innocent by the very law for having the details (details which conclude them either abled as in on it in some way or abled to bring about the stop to it though they didnt) with no evidence and no willful confession?

You can force a confession that has no details and you can force a confession that has details. If you can force a confession which pulls out details, then that kind of confession ought to be worthy in a court of law which should bust the true conscious criminal. Some ppl that get tortured for a simple confession and end up giving detail are truely dirty involved ones. We live in a world where ppl know not to leave evidence unless it's someone else's. Therefore to hold up the wrap game (where one wears things for covering themself or where one sold evidence in ploy) torture is the only alternative answer. Watch a true thug steal your heart. The Apocalypse can steal detailed info sown in your heart right up out your body, Illuminati (the thought unreachable sacred star ppl).


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