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SCI/TECH: Number of hits on Mars Rover site breaks record.

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posted on Feb, 20 2004 @ 02:13 PM
The number of hits on NASA's Mars exploration program site has exceeded 6.5 billion. Mainly, everyone wants to see the pictures.
“Spurred by images transmitted from two robotic explorers, the number of Internet hits to NASA's portal has now surpassed the worldwide population.”

Glenn Mahone, NASA assistant administrator for the Office of Public Affairs, said “To the best of our knowledge, this is the biggest government event in the history of the Internet." The amount of traffic is reported to even exceed the peak traffic for the IRS during tax time. Now we can add to the list of what is for sure. Death, Taxes, and interest in Mars.

A lot of the publicity and attention is due to the pictures that the two Landers are sending back. These images give us a peek at the mysterious and unknown. Here at ATS (Above Top Secret), the images started a major discussion when AarchAngel of ATS noticed that the colors on Spirit’s sundial didn’t appear to be correct. (View thread) What is apparent is that the public as a whole is interested in Mars. They want more than just a space station orbiting the planet. Now President Bush has claimed that we will have a man on Mars by 2030. If stepping on the Moon was a “Giant leap for mankind”, then landing on Mars would be a immeasurable leap.

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