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God,,Religion,,the basics...

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posted on Mar, 10 2008 @ 03:10 AM
(long pause)...

(deep breath),,,(and,,here it goes)...

The Beginning...
a.) Pinhead Theory- "Once upon a time, on a dark n stormy night, there was a tiny speck the size of a "pinhead"", "One day it went "kapowwweeeoollyyybahumbug", n presto, "here we are"..

b.) One day, while driving through the country, i saw a whole heard of "holy cows", just eating grass, n stuff. So i waved. (they absolutely refused to wave back!?)..

c.) By the hand of mankind, many books have been written. But a mere Immortal Supreme type Being? "ha, are you CraZy"

The Creation...
a.) Monsters, creatures, demons, beings, angels of many types, dinosaurs, people, nephilihm, spirits, giants,... a host of environments, dimensions, worlds, plains, sites, galaxies, abodes...thoughts, ideas, personalities, realization/comphrehension of ones very existence, choice..

The Battle...
a). Methods- deception, reasoning, evidence, slight of hand, illusion, confussion, truth, proof, de-ceptive proof,

The End...
a). a brite light, nothing, recycling, burning screaming dying, an endless adventure of most sheer delight.

Summary, "conspiracy"(?) , (ak, my .02):

While taking a stroll through the hills of fortyfivetwentyeighthundred or so BC, the rocks, occassional sage brush, frankincence burning in small metal [something] in hand, when suddenly, before you can inadvertantly utter the shriek "what the sam #^!!$ #^!!@%^% is ThaT!!???".. your nose , (post present tense), is ripped off your face, still being consumed,

, i imagine it really was quite different, the monsters and all..(hence, pre-Noahs' flood)..

Recently read Eves "apple" was in all, a romp with Satan himself. That the embarrassment of fig leaves, or even more, "the location placed of them"? well? let's just ponder ""that"", (for a very very very brief moment), (3,2,1.. okayyy).. What, (or more direct), "why" was she covering up??? down ""TheRe""!?!?
(note to self: "self" this could really provide a much different prospective),(on "all kinds of stuff").

And of course, the "big" one, "the pillage n gore" of old,, "those poor half reptillian half fallen angel part demon eat your face before you say "oh !!#$" and hit the ground wolf/bear/being from outer space inner-breed humble little peasants?", i do'nt know how many of you have seen the movie 300, i just recently have. Or how about the "wives and children" of the Orcs of "Lord of the Rings"? Such darling "slits" (for eyes) I'm sure they have.
Perhaps God was simply trying to help, "You"?!.

A Bible quote- "Do harm to no man", -

"i" ("me" quote),-"Should i die, may my enemies, and those that never knew me, be "Not" allowed to speak on "my" behalf". geesh. Particularly when "roasting over an open fire", or "socket seperation from the body" false religious recruiting techniques are being applied.

Do you get what I'm getting at here folks??, if not i can truely understand,

"Turn God into Something Evil"...(a "love canal" in exchange for a "sewerpipe"). (Royalty into a "meanie").

or, "There is no God", (hence, "do as thou wilt", of Satans bible, masterfully/ironically)..

as well..,
...create as many varying versions of the Bible as possible
...turn history and pre-Adam history to just myth and legend, or worst
...under cloak of Thee Name, publicly degrade and pillage, torture n slay, terrorize n slice dice broil n asunder, or, slyly remain secretive "or" talking of pretty butterflies (sic), quaintly omitting "the 20%" that is most key in correctly grasping, or understanding the true Message sent to the masses.

... the King James, Authorized Version of 1611,
"in battle rayelll" "There Is indeed Law",
, regardless of ones vain desire to fight "It"..

Is God really evil?...or is the conspracy of creating the false perception?..


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posted on Mar, 10 2008 @ 03:24 AM
I... Don't think I understood any of that. Wha?

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