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Are little children being brainwashed by TV?

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posted on Mar, 8 2008 @ 04:52 PM
They can barely even speak let alone understand a TV show. They just know that a show has good characters in bad characters and the good ones always defeat the bad ones and there are plots that make the story develop (and these children have no idea what the plots are and they are seemingly so random at time). Even I as a child once watched shows just because they were on TV and I just saw the bullets, the spells being cast, and the action heroes. All of which were blinding me to see the truth that the cartoon shows were just a mask on my eyes keeping me from seeing everything else. There were some good shows out there but a majority of the shows that were out were really stupid and I could not imagine that they were stupid so I thought they were good since they were on TV. I can't understand what values that TV shows put into the mind of children. Children should be reading books, not, like watching TV shows that they don't understand.

These TV shows just have some sort of emotional value that leads them to want to watch it again and again to get their emotional high. If one can keep their head away from the TV at any moment when they are a child it is to do homework. For the most part anyone knows that a child who watches TV is addicted to it. Do they even understand it? What is going through their brains when they watch the show? They may say that they watch the show because they think it's funny but they're really being brainwashed. Look at kids watching TV, keeping their eyes glued on TV, not taking their eyes off of it for hours, only to look when someone's coming so that they can change the channel so that someone around them doesn't know what they are watching. Look at children trying to watch cartoon movies and then talking about how awesome or great a certain character was because of the character's use of their skills to defeat an array of enemies. Children are being brainwashed for the new century as part of some plan to rely on this sort of convenience so that they can be entertained.

Being entertained is a good thing right? Children are being dumbed down by the shows they watch and they are spending hours of their life growing up being completely unproductive and then overwhelmed by the amount of effort they have to put into middle school and or high school because of the amount of TV that they watched. Children watch at least 3 hours of TV ( Consider that and consider how much more productive they would become if they spent the time they watched TV reading a book. Children are just being brainwashed by cartoons so that they can become a part of a society which is already controlled by the media so that their thoughts about the real world can become distorted by cartoons. Watching cartoons for them is not a choice but it is simply an addiction. The influence that cartoons has over their mind can distort their mind from reality. This is an influence which is found in many children and causes lots of erratic fantasies about certain characters and about what they do and what they would do if they were real. The use of cartoons can be used for propaganda. It has been done before and the results of the propaganda was very successful. Children are very prone to this kind of mental torture and nothing is being noted about the effects of mental destabilization of watching TV shows on their brain. Something has to be done about this or overdose of TV consumption will result in severe memory alteration, memory loss, or brain damage. I'm afraid much of the population has already had their brain damaged as a result of this medium.

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posted on Mar, 8 2008 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by Maverickhunter

Children learn what they live. I don't get how cartoons can be classified alone, in dumbing down children, when the parents turn to programs that are just as bad. Any reality teleivision show is worse than a cartoon, and shows less creativitly. I would like to use "American Idol," as a prime example. Enough said?

posted on Mar, 8 2008 @ 07:02 PM
your right , tv/media brainwashes people , but if you are talking about chilldreeen seing shows that they dont understand when they are young i dont think thats a problem , the problem is if they when are older continue to act the same way , seeing without understanding and analyzing what they see on tv , there should be a balance between the time spending watching good tv and reading.
i noticed you like evangelion
when i saw that anime for the first time i was 9 years that anime gave in the morning together with shows like the power rangers etc basicly shows for the kids , i started to watch that series thinking it was just a normal kids cartoon , but has i watched the the characters passing from funny characters to more dark scary people and the mutilations and blood from the fights , just didnt know what to think , i was perplexed with the complexity of those caracthers , that anime never got out of my head for years , until years later i manage to get copys of the anime and watched with all my attention , and creating theories about the story and characters , that anime is part of my childhood

posted on Mar, 8 2008 @ 08:43 PM
--I am the OP, just so people know in advance before I make my further posts in my threat, this is my new account.--

Enthralled Fan you wrong. Reality TV shows are actually as bad as most American cartoons. In cartoons they have imaginary characters, and, typically in American cartoons (not Japanese Anime) they will be saying random and nonsensical comments in a plot that makes no sense what so ever. Plots in cartoons can range from an anvil falling down a canyon onto a fictional character or to plots that talk about wishes that would never come true in the real world. They are meant to keep children dreaming but if children want to dream more they should read books. Reality shows are bad in the same way because they also dumb your mind down to the point where you become a brainwashed zombie. However, instead of having a random and nonsensical plot reality shows often try to portray sex to enthrall the viewer so that they won't want to change the channel. Shows like Paradise Hotel and other shows of this type are prime examples of how reality shows can be really offensive but show enough of what people like so that people keep watching it. American cartoons are meant for people that don't understand them. They don't want people to understand the cartoons because they want children to not know why something is happening in the story but for them to be more prone to violence (see X-men and the Fantastic Four, Spiderman, and other shows like that).

dracodie, people need to learn how to analyze TV shows by the time they get older. That's something they have to do. If they don't learn how to analyze TV shows when they're older they probably won't do well in life. It's sad that many Americans watch so much TV. Heck. If people here spent more time reading I bet you society would be a lot more productive but I suppose that since so many people are dependent on TV that they won't change. Society won't change until something drastic happens.

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