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Call me crazy…

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posted on Mar, 1 2008 @ 01:29 AM
Okay… War on terrorism is a joke to me!

I watched George Bush, yep good old George declare war with terrorism and claim the ability to defeat this threat…

Correct me if I am wrong, but every time we “destroy” a terrorist group, two more are bred… A group of people disagree with the way we destroyed this group, or the way we took over their country, or the way we act like we own the world… they unite, raise money, create plans of attack and thus become the next Al Qaeda…

It’s like chopping up all the weeds in your yard with the lawn mower, it would appear as though you have defeated the weed population, but all you did was destroy what was visible, underground the weeds are networking and multiplying and preparing for their next assertion above ground… (wow that analogy worked even better than I thought it would)

This is like getting rid of bad morale at the office by firing all of the people with bad attitudes… All the people that had good attitudes that were friends with the people with bad attitudes are now disgruntled because of the way you treated those with the bad attitudes and thus you have not solved the problem… In order to solve this problem, you must understand what is causing the “bad attitude”, the true root of the problem, and solve the problem… Not saying this is as easy as it sounds, but ultimately we can’t just go firing all the bad attitudes and expecting positive results…

Other countries fear America’s army, we can keep most of them under control out of fear, but terrorist groups hide within the safety net of countries including our own, they are not bound by the political handcuffs that bind governments and politicians thus we cannot control them with fear!

I think that when it really comes down to it, religion is going to become the common denominator that links the radical behavior of most terrorist organizations as well as the boundaries that separate nations… It is going to be this thought process that will incorporate one world religion, it might seem impossible… but let’s face it, most religions do refer to a time when the world will be lead by one leader and united with one religion… I won’t follow this religion myself, but I will embrace the confirmation it will bring to the religion that I believe in!

It’s funny because although I don’t agree with one world order, and I don’t believe in the government forcing us to follow one religion… It truly would solve all the problems and I do see that eventually the world will agree and unite… I can only say this with conviction because I believe it to be predestined within the scripture written (inspired) by the one and only God!

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posted on Mar, 2 2008 @ 12:49 PM
we gotta have something to fight against so r govt can do what it's wants as far as foreign policy. used to be communists, now it's terrorists. later it will be something else. it's a myth used to control...

posted on Mar, 2 2008 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by Freakaloin

about time I got a responce... lol

I agree... it is a veil being pulled over our eyes... It is misdirection... If we have something to "fight" for we don't pay attention to the corruption and deceipt... We don't complain about the prices of gas, or the bull crap our leaders are up to...

A war on terrorism is a joke, a war agaisnt a single terrorist group would have made sense... It is something we can achieve, something we can feel good about winning, this generalistic war on a undefeatable enemy (because there are unlimited of them)...


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