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NEWS: Iraq-Suicide Attacks Kill 10, Wounds over 100

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posted on Feb, 18 2004 @ 07:24 PM
The third suicide bombing attack in two weeks occured outside a Polish run base in Hillah, Iraq, killing 10 and wounding over 100 people many of them soldiers. At least two vehicles were involved in the attack.
Coalition and military officials said at least 106 people were hurt in the blasts, which happened in the Hayy Babil neighborhood near Camp Charlie. The wounded included 32 Iraqis and 26 Poles, as well as Hungarians, Bulgarians, Filipinos and an American. The casualty toll could have been much higher had guards not opened fire and prevented the bombers from entering the camp. One truck exploded under the gunfire and another blew up after hitting a concrete barrier.
The 7:15 a.m. blasts - from 1,540 pounds of explosives - flattened 11 homes nearby and blew down the entire sides of several other houses in this town south of Baghdad.

[Edited on 2-18-2004 by worldwatcher]


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