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Gov't Frequency Screws Up Town Garages

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posted on Feb, 29 2008 @ 09:28 AM
APG screwing up garage doors

ABERDEEN, Md. -- Several homeowners in Aberdeen who noticed their garage doors stopped working one day said they found out the problem was due to a government project.

A new frequency system being used at Aberdeen Proving Ground jams the automatic garage door openers at nearby houses, government officials said

how about that.... i used to live a half a mile away from APG, i heard there older system work when the wind was low I could hear the voices of the broadcaster, an not the mention the BOMB blasts, every other day at 3pm or so, our whole neighborhood would shake an windoes would rattle.... this is the Armies Number one area for weapons testing.... they also have 2 huge landmasses for the storage of musturd gas, and Nerve toxins, I my grand daddy was a gunsmoth for them actually have lived on base an then my step dad owned a restraunt right accross from it.

still never had anything affect us. but we dont have a garage door opener, nor a garage lol.... we have all since moved from there to our lil corners of the east coast,

still must suck to have to pay for all those refixes...


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