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Proposing a "New Theory": The UFO Conspiracy

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posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 09:32 AM
After sifting through, better, disseminating, volumes of documents, videos, theories, comments and news reports, then coupled with the fact that we are headed (apparently) toward global ecological dysfunction.....i've concluded that THE best, plausible answer to this conundrum would be that for the most part, all the vehicles seen and photographed or other-wised witnessed are indeed government crafts, and ill explain why.

We all know and have access to the many documents concerning the efforts by the militaries of the west and east, as well as private heavily funded corps. like Boeing and Lockheed, in their race for air supremacy and space exploration...the tax dollars never lie. So....with the option taken by said companies many decades ago to produce cutting edge technology, like the weightless Lockheed black triangles(heavy lift high altitude staging/transportation dirigibles) to move great loads impossible distances in record well as other fantastic crafts (some seen some whispered about)...there must be an end to a means, especially when concerning governments and their lack of imagination outside the practical.

So, where are all these things we've spent trillions of tax dollars on? How would the govt. keep such things secret with the impending promise of cold war around any corner? The ease of industrial espionage in the age of technology and information and keeping such things hidden well away from those prying eyes?

1. Fashion and author an unprecedented campaign of misinformation, beginning with the mention of otherworldly craft, this was during a time, if you remember when the whole world was infatuated with the notion of mars and Martians and so forth, youll see it in pop culture from this period and before (note war of the worlds long before Roswell).......and it worked better than they had imagined.

2. In my opinion, and this is the meat of the thread topic, the craft we are seeing, the moon-base theories and the fact that these craft are being seen more often and in more places globally would insinuate to me that the govt are planning something epic.

MY Theory: The govt is planning to 'ditch' this globe and carry on elsewhere...i believe that that the evil isnt from some alien race but infact is a smoke screen to have the public look elsewhere whist the govt gets rdy to shove off.....some global calamity is imminent and they know it, have been preparing for it and will leave us holding the proverbial bag so to speak.

addendum: The many different types of craft seen, notably the globes seen from space missions and the spherical globes of all sizes(usually small) seen around the world are man-made surveillance mechanisms, flying cameras if you they are waaay too small to contain any type of life-form. The ones seen in space orbit are what i believe to be spying/tracking satellites from other nations.

anyway, when compiling ALL the info from the 40's on i would have to say that we are at the root of everything being seen around the world and in orbit. Any thoughts? This theory of course being at its best practical and simple in thought, as most answers tend to be.

posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 10:13 AM
I think you will find that ATS users are divided, one third believe UFO's are govt in origin, one third believe that aliens are among us, and one third believe both are true.

Nothing new really.

posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 11:19 AM
According to my research, mostly from internet sources, the evidence seems to suggest that alien ufos are indeed visiting us and have been for a very long time. Some are even speculating for thousands of years!

I think people that choose to ignore the extra-terrestial visitian aspect are somewhat short sighted and/or misinformed. If we have the technology to traverse the universe then why wouldn't other life forms also? Isn't it very likely that we learned from "them" to build our own ships if indeed the reverse engineering aspect is true? Just look at all the money being covertly spent annually by the american goverhment in black project SAPs! Why is the congress and senate turning the other way all the time?

So many questions...yet so few answers!

posted on Mar, 2 2008 @ 06:47 AM
I cant say i have spent a whole heap of time researching the whole ALIEN/UFO phenomena so i my view may be less inclined to contain facts and figures.

But at the end of the day it is only a view such as is the one posted by the OP.
Information comes from all sources whether it be the internet, books, verbally or through reading a document.

What does this have to do with the topic at hand?
Well all manner of opinions and views are derived from previous experiences or knowledge, that knowledge being your research in the given field as the OP stated...however the internet isn't always filled with truth.

The big misconception nowadays is that a UFO is always of "alien" origin...
Now the OP does not think so but i stated that for any other visitor that may read this thread.

Back to your post, in my opinion i find it hard to believe that the government is behind the sightings. I don't dismiss the fact that they are testing new technology which obviously needs to be flown therefore has a chance to be "caught in action" but that goes the same for any other type of military testing whether it be plane, land or sea vehicle.

A government is only as good as its people, "govern-men".
So to say that this said government will plan to suck its people dry and then take off into the wild unknown reaches of space looking for prosperity is a far fetched piece of ideology at the is an idea none the less and you are entitled to it so.


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